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Custom Site Integration: 3rd Party Integration Help

This document explains how to interface your existing store into a store. This is only for software developers that have custom software already developed, it is not needed for normal users. Once loaded your inventory will be seen on the network of sites and easily exported to eBay stores. You can load orders back into your system and make the whole process seamless and drive from a single inventory. You need to create a store account to access the connection options. Create a store then login and store related menu options will appear.

We highly recommend you view the 3rd Party Integration Help Videos before proceeding.

If you don't require real time inventory control there is a simple way to import your entire inventory via CSV file. You generate this file at a url and the system picks it up several times a day. Select Store->Store Connect->Csv Import for details on the csv import option.

All API calls are made with easy web services and return data in xml format. You can get and set your inventory and retrieve your orders. Here are some example API calls:

SetSellInventory - Sets the inventory of an item.
GetInventory - Gets the inventory of an item.
GetOrder - Gets the details of an order.
GetOrderListByDate - Get a list of orders from a specific date.

To get started login and select Store->Store Connect->BidWicketAPI for details on the available calls.

On the bottom you will see 'Your Api Identifier'. This code allows remote access to your account. If you select an API call the system will provide an example call for you.

Here is an example GetInventory call:

MF=B (Return XML)
CMD1=GetInventory (The command you wish to access)
I1=USCIDU-116-M-09153-957-TKK-KVV (Identifier for the item in question)

Here is a full example api call:

The return is in xml format and can be seen at Store->Store Connect->BidWicketAPI.

To get item identifier codes go to Store->Store Connect->Ccg Single Codes. Select a sheet of items and you can copy these codes into your database.

If you have any problems or would like additional API functions please e-mail us. is not published or endorsed by any manufacturer.
All trademarks are property of there respective owners. is provided to you 'as is' without warranty or guaranty of any kind.
Terms of Service