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Banned Items:

The following items are banned. Listing them will result in them being removed from auction and possible damages to your account:
Academic Software, Alcohol, Animals and Wildlife Products, Artifacts, Beta Software, Bootleg Recordings, Celebrity Material, Cell Phone Service Contracts, Charity or Fund raising Listings, Contracts, Counterfeit Currency and Stamps, Counterfeit Items, Credit Cards, Describing Drugs or Drug-like Substances, Drugs & Drug Paraphernalia, Embargoed Goods, Encouraging Illegal Activity, Event Tickets, Names and Signatures, Firearms, Weapons and Knives, Food, Gift Cards, Government and Transit Documents, Uniforms, Government IDs and Licenses, Hazardous, Restricted, and Perishable Items, Human Parts and Remains, Lock picking Devices, Lottery Tickets, Mailing Lists and Personal Information, Manufacturers' Coupons, Mature Audiences, Medical Devices, Misleading Titles, Mod Chips, Game Enhancers, and Boot Discs, Movie Prints, Multi-level Marketing, Pyramid and Matrix Programs, OEM Software, Offensive Material, Pesticides, Plants and Seeds, Police-Related Items, Political Memorabilia, Postage Meters, Pre-Sale Listings, Prescription Drugs, Promotional Items, Real Estate, Recalled Items, Recordable Media, Replica and Counterfeit Items, Satellite and Cable TV Unscrambler's, Selling Art, Selling Coins, Slot Machines, Stocks and Other Securities, Stolen Property, Surveillance Equipment, Tobacco, Transit and Shipping Related Items, Travel, Unauthorized Copies, Used Clothing, Used Cosmetics, Warranties, Wine. is not published or endorsed by any manufacturer.
All trademarks are property of there respective owners. is provided to you 'as is' without warranty or guaranty of any kind.
Terms of Service