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Store Customization:

For a $399 one time setup fee we will setup a high quality graphical template for your site. You can choose from hundreds of preset templates presented below. If you have a specific vision we can work with any graphical designer of your choice and we will do the html and javascript coding for them. This will also allow you to add advanced search, pop overs, user login and a variety of other graphical effects. We just need the graphics provided in a layered adobe photoshop document with an html preview and we will implement it on your site for you. This will get you a professional looking store at a custom store at a private url with many advanced features and is available for all packages.

We have partnered with several leading template providers and have provided you with a sample of there work below. Select the template and purchase it. You will then need to download it and send the file and your user name. We will then install the template and bill you $399 for installation. If you are having trouble with the download process please e-mail us the url of the template or it's "Item number" located on the right hand side of the preview screen. We will then bill you $399 installation plus the value of the template. You must add $399 to the values presented on the template preview screen to arrive at your total cost if you wish us to install your template.

If you have advanced knowledge of web programming and photoshop it is possible to install the template yourself avoiding the $399 install fee. In this case please just purchase the template, download it. Then install it on the system in the store management section. This takes a really sophisticated understanding of these topics though.

Note the numbers on the right hand side of the screen will show more templates of each style. is not published or endorsed by any manufacturer.
All trademarks are property of there respective owners. is provided to you 'as is' without warranty or guaranty of any kind.
Terms of Service