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Left From Buyers
00mpa: it failed to accept payment confused?
00mpa: rejected payments and took 2 weeks to ship
killer1177: Took 2 days to ship. Arrived in great condition, totally satisfied with overall product!
Peacee: Cards arrived safely took longer then other shipments from the states
BrewCrew: This is the first time I have shopped with White Lion Games. I think that your inventory is nice and that your prices are very reasonable. Thank you for taking my order. Jeremy Cagle
nole2424: the cards were great and the price that i got is one of the best in mtg for me for any deal!!!! im verry happy with every thimg overall
zamfear: Good Prices
barrylamming: Great dealer.. highly recommended... would do business with again
TwilightShard: Fast shipping, cards in perfect condition, neatly packaged... and it came with a free island, w00t ;) I would buy from them again :D
Greekpimp: I ordered 4 cryptic commands, they came fast and in perfect condition! Definately recommend this store! Thanks White Lion!!!
Baixin: Got exactly what I ordered, awesome
Marlfox: Fast shipping! Great customer support!
Ghostmaker: Thanks Fast Shipping can't until my other orders come.
Ghostmaker: You Rock Fast Shipping!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ghostmaker: You Rock Fast Shipping!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Baixin: Perfect cards and in great condition :D
BrettRipley: Proper feedback will be given when the product is actually shipped.
nortonoantivirus: They got me what i wanted, quickly, and they were in great condition.
thedog90: Cards in good condition, arrived fast.
Crimsonkitty87: Exactly what I ordered, good condition
mutz2zo: All seems well!
peech4: Great website, great communication through e-mail, highly recommended
TonyM: Some of the cards had several nicked edges, great packing job, good delivery time. Overall Great.
braveram31: everything arrived in good shape. and fast. thanks
flyingtiger08: Great transaction!
flyingtiger08: Great transaction!
kinko: great item, fast shipping, love the booster pack that came with it
BrewCrew: Everything was great. Everything came as advertised and in a timely manner.
Kowloon: great seller, order came quickley and thanks for shipping the two orders together.
Kowloon: great seller, order came quickley and thanks for shipping the two orders together.
juswil: We had a short series of misunderstanding that were resoled in very favorable way. I look forward to new deal with what looks like a great company.
mbergeron: Recieved all my cards quickly and in good condition! Great Seller!
finesco: received all cards in excellent condition in 3 bus. days thanks!
Shownuff: Great customer service. Will be doing business with them again.
Ted_Sielski: great arrived quickly
Phishphan: What is the problem? I paid through Paypal.
musicmiles: Could you send this please? My address is correct. If it has been sent, then please send me an email to let me know.
Kowloon: came quickly in great condition A++ seller
Kowloon: came quickly in great condition A++ seller
oldoneeye1979: ordered cards got them fast thanks will use again
Dest: Great and quick service.
lord: good business
charleymrphy: Fixed problems with payment quickly, fast shipment.
twosixeight: Ultra fast shiping. Ordered at ~4:00 in the afternoon and it was shiped that night. I'd even pay a little extra just to have this type of service again. A+++
Champignon: WLG is a nice seller but I am cancelling the order because he is having dificulties on shipping to Brazil with insurance. I got my payment refund the day I asked. Thanks for the try WLG!
ampersand: Cards recieved on 24/02/09 in excellent condition.
The_Watcher: I had to pay a lot of tax over this shipment. I don't know why it's so. I never payed any tax for cards.. Anyways..
Virtue: Very easy to find cards I need and compare prices! Great Site!
Zavier: The order was shipped and received. While there was originally a payment issue, the seller worked with me to make sure I received my cards.
Cillarnen: I liked being able to get the cards most other sites did not have. Thank you for being available. Cheers
Windigo: Good stuff
Dad: Excellent Seller, will purchase again. Thanks for your help
Roscoe_Black: fast delivery
hellbringer: my names is danny fisher. my order # is 1236010954197. i recieved my cards today with NO seige-gang commanders! i purchased these cards and paid the priority shipping to have them THIS fnm! please ship overnight! danny fisher
KoppaDasao: Slow to ship to foreign buyers.
mjr1988: you guys might be the best vendors on bid wicket for magic cards...thank you
soulsynthesis: prompt delivery, condition as indicated, great purchase. thanks :)
Kbot: Very Fast Shipping, Very reliable looking forward to buying more cards from you guys. Thanks alot
Kbot: Super Fast Shipping, It's always a enjoyable experience buying from you guys. Thanks again.
desertmedik: great service
soulsynthesis: everything was perfect. thanks.
Welrod: Awesome selection! I found exactly what I needed
Daishi52: Excellent experience... I'm actually filling this out after seeing that feedback was needed while I buy from these guys again.
Dzilla: Fast Delivery, Always in stock A+ Dealer all the way.
Dzilla: As always A+
Dzilla: As always A+
Dzilla: As always A+
m_atmadja: Average shipping time, but great prices and good quality.
kalvin: good
Callinger: Great!!! Fast shipping!!!! A+++
Kbot: Very Fast Shipping, Cards look amazing thanks again. You'll be seeing from me again =D
Kowloon: very fast shipping
oAsIs88: Thank you.
tmax500: Very fast shipping. Everything I expected! Great seller!
Macabre: cards come in condition as stated
Riley: Extremely happy. Cards are mint and received them in two days of order.
Riley: Extremely happy. Cards are mint and received them in two days of order.
soulsynthesis: great purchase
Crazysmurf: Great Seller would use again.
crovexM: Got the cards I wanted at a good price and they arrived fast. Would have shopped here again since if the site had been working properly
snowmanmiki: Overall awesome, minus some minor issues on website where couple cards were marked english but they were not. No biggie, though, gave them to a friend who likes foreign cards.
kinko: good service, will come back AGAIN
ryuga: Great seller. Fast shipping.
Kbot: Very quick and reliable thanks again
Welrod: Never received two cards that were ordered. I contacted the company and they have been very cordial and professional. The problem is being taken care of now.
Hobbs: perfect!
smithdawg82: Fast Shipping, but didn't receive all the cards I paid for. So-so customer support.
Kbot: Woohoo Thanks again.
Kbot: Woohoo Thanks again.
Kbot: Great cards, very fast and reliable Thanks again. Woohoo!!
soulsynthesis: always a great buy. ordered at night, got confirmation on delivery the next day, and received two days later. thanks :)
ryuga: Great
Ted_Sielski: great arrived quickly well packaged
erozion: Always Packaged Professionally and cards are just as described. One of my favorite sellers.
erozion: Perfect as always.
DudeWonder: Great transaction.
rorarrarar: Address is correct. please sleeve these cards when shipping, thank you very much. I sent an email with my information to withdraw 1 cents from my account to change.
SteveL04: great seller fast shipping
SteveL04: great seller fast shipping
MachSirius: I ordered a small bunch of cards on May 11 and as of May 22 I still have not received them. They didn't even get marked "shipped" for 7 days. Updated: 6/3. I worked with Chris at White Lion who was amazingly attentive and on the ball. He worked to resolv
Kbot: Very Nice Cards, Very fast shipping.
Kbot: Very fast and reliable.
WilliamThe14th: Resolved
steven: i messed up on order i put my old address new address is 113 mustang dr apt 202, slo, ca, 93405
Embraced: Got it and great job handling the situation.
SteveL04: Great Seller Fast Shipping
beowulf5000: Excellent! Shipped immediately!
Johnathan: Thank you and will be purchasing more from you guys!
jpeg543: Hello, I placed this order on the 31st, and my credit card statement shows a transaction from WLG. I really need these cards in time for a tournament on Saturday... How soon can I expect these to be shipped? Or have they been already? Thanks for your ti
grim57: A slight problem with the order was fixed ASAP. Don't hesitate with White Lion Games.
mobster924: Thanks for adjusting the order. White Lion games is a great site for making my magic cards selections
Johnathan: Than you for the cards and looking forward to my next purchase!
SteveL04: Great Seller
gfursu: Great experience, will buy again from them
gfursu: Good experience, will shop there again
gregga201: Some confusion with payment going through at first, but excellent delivery speed, and all cards in very good shape on arrival. Id say 9.5/10, ill definitely shop here when piecing together my next deck.
Jarael: Great service, fast shipping! I highly recommend for future purchases.
Araxius: Good Communication, Fast Shipping. Product arrived as described. Would do business again.
gfursu: Good communication, not first time buying here. Strangely enough, this came before two other orders that are still outstanding. Hope the other ones will show up soon as well...
TonyM: a
SteveL04: Great Seller Perfect Cards Fast Ship
gfursu: Yet another good delivery
gfursu: Yet another good delivery
Jabberwocky: Items well packaged and promptly shipped. =)
soulsynthesis: good buy as always. quick shipping. perfect condition. best seller here.
Ted_Sielski: Great arrived quickly
Ted_Sielski: Quick shipper great packaging
Ted_Sielski: great no hassles
fmk: I was very satisfied with the quickness with which i received my order and there being to mistakes in it.
juswil: Everything when perfectly. Got the cards in great shape and they where delivered very quickly.
SteveL04: great seller fast ship the best prices
paladingamestore: excellent
paladingamestore: Excellent
Bunge: Fast delivery, correct order, acceptable cards, would buy from again.
cadunlap: fast and easy transaction
Nowee: I placed this order more than a 2 months ago and I am still waiting for my cards... Placed an order with them before and it only took a couple of weeks. I am now on week twelve..... They have worked on fixing the problem in a rather timely fashion though.
Pulp76: Fast delivery and everything was delivered that was ordered.
SteveL04: great seller
CaptProton1782: Ordered 16 cards on Friday, June 26th. Shipped Monday, June 29th; Received them Wednesday July 8th. They arrived in good condition; only imperfection was dulling in one or two letters of the text of two Blightnings. Would order again.
SteveL04: great seller fast ship
Galactamus: Fast delivery
Jarael: All cards in awesome condition. Would definitely do business again!
entropy: Cards came really fast and were exactly what I ordered!
jurda: Order Canceled - Seller doesn't have sufficent stock to fill order.
Russki: Dear White Lion Games, Please check on the status of this order. I placed it on 7/13, today is 7/24. The USPS tracking website says they were notified by shipper on 7/13 to expect the package, and I have not received any further status updates. TH
Johnathan: Thanks
TonyM: Never had any problems with White Lion Games.
KoppaDasao: Fast delivery this time
KILLERDRAGON: Bought the product on the 20th of July, had to call to get the order shipped because of "problems with the computer". It is now the 28 and still nothing. Only after complaining did it suddenly ship. Finally got package the 31. They were understanding why I
Nowee: Had a problem with an order and they were determined to fix it. Good store.
Nin10doman: Small trouble with order, but they clearly care about their customers. They will go out of their way to make you happy.
cadunlap: I have purchased many times through this buyer and as always the service was A++++++ ...highly recommended and will most likely continue to purchase from this seller
Callinger: Awesome service and very fast shipping A++
MagicTrust: A+ :)
nb_pod_fan: I have made my payment for these items, and it still says awaiting payment, I need them by Saturday for a tournament and it does not say if the items have been shipped. I hope they are shipped soon, thats why i choose a Texas vendor. Please let me know the
erozion: Perfect as always
rgturner86: As expected, without problems
Cillarnen: Like. And waiting.
playtek: Cards came as expected!
night42: Had a small problem, but they eventually fixed it.
Xelthandros: Recieved, packed nicely.
jonrunge: cards came in good condition and in a timely manner. would do business with again A+
Dest: Great seller A+
Dest: Great seller A+
Valtrix: Condition slightly worse than I would have hoped for, but not a huge deal. Slightly slower shipping as a result of Gencon, but did a great job to make up for that.
Drew: thank you for my cards. . . . good communication too
Drew: thx . . . ogod communication great cards
midka: Fast shipping! they couldnt supply me with one of my cards so they decided to sent me a booster to compensate. it was a shards booster (a bad set in my opinion) but it was a good gesture.
Vethrik: shipped immediately, product was in great condition as advertised. well done.
KindGrind: Now my main source for buying stuff within Canada. A+!
SteveL04: Great Seller All Around Perfect
folkenkanzaki: Made great time. I asked that this purchase and one made 10 minutes earlier be put in the same package to save on shipping. Dealer did put them in the same package, but I haven't seen a credit back to my card for the 3.99 shipping cost. Hope that it is
folkenkanzaki: Made great time. I asked that this purchase and one made 10 minutes later be put in the same package to save on shipping. Dealer did put them in the same package, but I haven't seen a credit back to my card for the 3.99 shipping cost. Hope that it is co
gdawg1084: good
RyanCCheal: Awesome!!!!!
Vethrik: cards came in on time and in good condition. this is my second order from white lion and i have no complaints whatsoever.
Orgodemirk: I got exactly what I ordered in a matter of a few days. Shipping was very fast. Ordered on Thursday. The cards arrived on Monday.
Stalin828: Great people. Cards arrived quickly and were well packaged. They were at Gencon when I ordered so they gave me a free booster.
tcasey0478: Quick shipping, thanks!
tcasey0478: Quick shipping, thanks!
fmk: once again I'm completely satisfied with this order, everything i ordered and i got my order sooner than i expected. Thank you very much.
demonthesis: Good seller, Fast and well priced. For the most part accurate I made a large order and the only problem was, I received the black leyline instead of the green one. Not a big deal to me. I would order from again.
kornonnakob: Great!
FraRebu: Fantastic, one of the best store ever seen! 3 days from USA to Italy! Serious and fast! My compliments!
ebdaitrombe: Well, I've just bought from White Lion Games again. Reliable, good service. Definitely a good experience.
shagojyo24: It was a pleasure doing business.
autarch: I ordered it Monday. I received it Tuesday. Cards are in perfect condition.
AlphaKeny1: Thank you for the cards!
Cjthomps05: i only shipped three cryptic commands i dont understand why its showing me shipping those cards twice, plus i dont know how to delete on of the orders. so just disregard one of the shipments because their both the same thank you
ebdaitrombe: Believe it or not, they got my stuff to me within two days. Perfect service. Will definitely buy from White Lion games again.
davidronebay: Absolutely terrible experience. One of the worst stores I have dealt with in 15 years. Don't bother placing an order since they cancel it on a whim and completely waste your time. Very inconsiderate customer service.
stormcrow: This one came in pretty good, only two weeks shipping.
Deepimpulse: Excellent price but I would like to have free shipping like Big Fireball it a huge incentive. Thank you.
Teufelsmark: Great Seller, Quick Shipping, A+
yoboyrichie2008: shipped here in a couple days really fast and great quality!!!!
EnAngel: Will buy again
Jorgithepirate: Cards arrived promptly and in condition. Good seller.
StellarStealth: quick, affordable and easy.
whumpus: Well packed and prompt! thanks!
Marco: Very fast shipping! Thank you!
Marco: Shipped a little late but in return they gave me a free booster and ugraded shipping on next order! Thanks!!
Onsan: I sent the payment when I made the purchase via paypal yet you still have not recieved the information from paypal. Here is the information. Oct. 23, 2009 05:55:46 PDT Transaction ID: 35A67051DA991291J Hello Craig A Setlow, You sent a payme
zerox: Great cards, great seller! Thx a lot, recommended A+++!
GMB4279: PAckage has arrived
whumpus: Really fast shipping.
Galactamus: very fast delivery
clericrpg: Awsome !!!!!
Greekpimp: fast shipping great seller
Greekpimp: fast shipping great seller
Bludex: a+
dmalk: Good transaction - Thanks!
stormcrow: order had to be mailed several times. When it finally did come in only about half the cards showed up. The second time the cards came in, they left out four. And now they are not sending the remaining cards we ordered. The whole process took around 3 month
moslar: Very great doing this transaction.
dansky: Fast Shipping,6 days, Perfect Order
Teufelsmark: A+, Great Seller, Quick Shipping
MagicTrust: :)
dshellhause: Seller shipped Dromar's Cavern instead of Dromar's charm, otherwise quick shipping and cards in great condition.
Dragonboxer: Buyer made sufficient effort to process the sale after a short delay. Buyer has terrific prices, but communication is not perfect.
GMB4279: Impressed with how fast they arrived, thank you!
endersblade: Very quick shipping, great company!
AlmightySK: perfect transaction, thanks
cadunlap: fast shipping and great cards
andrella02: .
Bowser888: this is definetlly my go to site for all magic cards. prompt shipping good service an my order are always exactly as advertised
Clovis: Cards arrived in great condition.
graytwilight: Excellent seller, great transaction.
lord_seth: a little slow, and the cards did get a little bent. hopefully the next one will be better.
abracadaver: I would definitely buy from white lion again. They shipped the cards right away. Cards were packaged and protected properly...the white lion print adds a classy touch! All cards were in pretty much perfect quality as well
yusay: Great seller!! A**
dthortx: GREAT PEOPLE TO DEAL WITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Orgodemirk: very fast. correct order
MEA: Thanks Store had what i wanted. Very good prices
MEA: Thanks Store had what i wanted. best prices
ambivalentduck: Fast shipping, nice prices, "near mint" cards show more play wear on edges than expected for that rating. I didn't receive beat up cards or anything, but be aware that you won't be getting gem mint rares in most cases.
eirykalv: Super fast delivery great condition cards
eirykalv: Super fast delivery great condition cards
Azyrrak: Excellent protection and shipping speed, very satisfied.
juswil: Fast shipping and excellent cards
berserkwin: My items were received very fast and packed well. However, many of the MTG cards I purchased as "Near Mint" had obviously been played (edge dings, scuffing across the play surface).
abracadaver: Cards made it in time. Thanks again!
rockstar_06: Package arrived on time and in good condition.
rockstar_06: Delivered on time, in said condition.
Dark_Biz: Very Fast shipping, cards in excellent conditons! Thanks!
MEA: Quick Service thanks!
Bchapma2: WOW it got here fast. and its in great shape. better than mint. thank you
bigtom: great job
blitzer090909: just placed an order at a fair price and hope to receive it soon
blitzer090909: just placed a second order and hope it get here soon
blitzer090909: made a third purchase using your service and hope to receive my cards soon
blitzer090909: hope to receive soon
mastamynd69: Fast Shipping. No Hassles. Cards in good condition!
Dane: Great service, good shipping: arrived on time and cards are mint!
davious: WOW. perfect store. Fastest shipping ever. I'll see you again.
fmk: you never cease to amaze me with the service im givin. Over all the other sites i order cards from this is the fastest most reliable and most consistent place i get them from.
southpawkev: Good to do business with them,will do so again
Brillored: Took a little while to get to me, but happy with the purchase and prices! Will buy from again!
SteveL04: great seller fast ship
Play123: Thanks
vkc89: Hello, I'm not quite sure what is wrong at this moment, but it says the transaction status is pending? Paypal registered my transaction and says the payment to white lion is unclaimed. Is this just a problem on your end?
nilesthotep: Good Price and Condition
Foolofatook: Good quality on the cards, which were as advertised, and good prices and a timely delivery. What more could you ask?
juswil: Some small problems that where quickly corrected with the utmost degree of curtsey and professionalism
Hammer51: :)
milltrox: fast ship, cards in good condition, great seller.
cburnaman: received order in 2 business days. Thanks!
Enoughfafwa: This was my first time using White Lion Games and it was fantastic! The prices were very fair and the order was quickly delivered! Thank you!
davious: One of the best sellers on the web. Fast. accurate. Perfect. See you next time
DaveyJ79: I am very pleased with the communication that took place after an unfortunate order cancellation.
juswil: A great story that I will be buying from again.
eszutu: Quick speedy service!
AColangelo: They were out of stock of the color sleeve I wanted and did not indicate on website, was sent 2 different colors becuase they were "out of stock". Beware lol
cburnaman: FAST FAST FAST shipping!
cburnaman: FAST FAST FAST shipping!
Plaguezombie: Got there, thanks!
MEA: thanks
toybuffx2: Fast ship,reliable seller!
1forever: i am currently awaiting on what is going on with my orders as it says you are no longer active and i have mailed out my cards a week ago. do they come back to me or do you honor prior orders that already went in. i also have one more question i paid th
Brotherhoodbrew: Shipped quick and arrived in good shape
captain_shame: yay, i got my shame in the mail in perfect condition.
GRat: Quickly shipped, perfect condition, thanks!
GRat: Quickly shipped, perfect condition, thanks!
toybuffx2: Great seller
toybuffx2: great seller
HWHarry: Very fast.
Baller33: great condition, fast shipping highly recmommended
berserkwin: Fast and as described. Good seller.
desertmedik: Great price!
KindGrind: Thanks!
ninja88penguin: Reliable and good store that I shop often at. Keep up the good work!
generalsharky: Cards arrived fast and as described. A+
clutch: Shipped fast came as described. Will use again.
stickykill: everything showed up really quickly and in great condition
abracadaver: Awesome as always. Thanks again.
clericrpg: Great deals fast shipping
juswil: Some small problems but where handled with the utmost respect and professionalism
mehungary: Yay I got it all!
FlameSkyeFox: Great cards at a great price!
MEA: All was well except I received wrong swamps
ElectroFool: Decently quick shipping, cards as advertised, overall a good transaction.
fanta2349: fast shipping, cards in good condition
fanta2349: fast shipping, cards in good condition
Kcub3d: Lightning Fast Shipping!! Cards In Great Condition!! Highest Recommendations!!
JediScholar: Shipped really fast, great service!
Eternalsaviour: Very Quick. Thank you
gzeiger: Super fast shipping.
MagnaTor: Great Seller A++
MAGUSOFMAGIC: good cards, fast shipping
stanman312: Lightning fast, most cards arrived in very good condition, and only one was slightly scuffed on the edge. Still, positive experience overall! Good vendor.
fanta2349: fast shipping A++
AColangelo: Pretty slow shipping, good card quality and selection
AColangelo: Slow Shipping, good card quality and supply
AColangelo: Slow Shipping, good card quality and supply
AColangelo: Slow Shipping, good card quality and supply
stanman312: Absolutely incredible shipping speed! A+ will gladly do business in the future!
Boofjat: My order had a slight problem at first, but the staff at white lion was more then happy to help me. They went more then out of their way to make sure my order was correct... even when the post office made a huge mess of things. A+++++
Sydboski: Superb Seller!
desertmedik: great seller no problems
chairman_faust: painless ordering, quick shipping, would buy from again
Ashaman: No problems with transaction
SkysLastChance: Amazed at shipping speed cards in great condition.. will buy from again.
AColangelo: Feedback Changed from Negative > Neutral > Positive I had an issue with delivery being late, and the Delivery Manager called me personally and we attempted to solve the issue. Very professional.
risingelement: Fast Shipping. Cards as described - in perfect condition. Would do business again.
chest_rockfield: Order perfect. Super fast shipping! Do you offer free shipping if one buys a certain amount?
1nkdad85: Thanks very much! Got my order really fast and the cards are all in perfect condition.
Festies: Woooooo!
Dracomi: Seller was quick with the shipment and fairly priced.
Bowser888: great as always
stanman312: Incredible Fast Shipping. I love these guys! A++
Nowee: I had some problems with this seller shipping to Canada. But (after time) they worked at fixing the problem.
MEA: many thanks
juswil: A great company and a perfect transaction.
Dracomi: Seller was quick with the shipment and fairly priced.
sandsss: Thanks
juswil: A great seller I will use again.
Al_Q: Selection is good and shipping was quick, but prices are marked up compared to other vendors. Also, I got a miscut "Fire Whip" from them. Though all the cards are going into sleeves, I'm a bit disappointed as the card is easily identifiable from the back.
risingelement: Average shipping speed. Everything as described. Second time doing business with them. I would definitely buy from them again.
jdisaportal: I just sent an email requesting the address to be changed. If you can oblige, that would be awesome! Thanks!!
raganwolf: Great seller fast shipper # 1 in all ways AAA+++.
generalsharky: Cards arrived fast and as described although 1 card was missing and I never received any response back about the missing card.
petrogad: 100% trusted.
Demitri: awesome
Demitri: super fast
Demitri: thanks!
otaku777: Everything was worked out, problems figured out, and I'm overall happy with the transaction.
Baixin: Got all my cards and quickly, super awesome~
Stalin828: Cards arrived fast. Thanks!
bigtom: great job
bigtom: great job
bigtom: great job
bigtom: great job
bigtom: great job
84lemmings: Prompt and as described, will buy from again.
jcq4sure: yeah about this order you guys messed up i only got 1 training grounds.... thanks chris for taking care of me i was impressed and satisfied with the customer service you have showed !
cyphur: great seller
cyphur: great seller
cyphur: great seller!
cyphur: thank you! great seller
jcq4sure: good customer service but when am i going to c that change on free shipping on the bill? any idea ? other than than very happy customer :) u guys rule!
demag: Fast Shipping!
MEA: thank you
cyphur: Fast ship! great seller! AAA+++!
Novalius: Took a little long for the cards to ship, but everything in good condition. Thank you.
Galactamus: Fast Delivery! good condition too, I feel like this is a good company and would recommend it to a friend
juswil: A great seller will buy from again.
bloo0o: Whats the address i need to send the cards to?
jimyoda: Pretty fast shipping and cards in perfect condition. Plan to order more from here again.
Teddy: very good!
juswil: Another great transaction with a great company.
neo003: Awesome seller! Products as described and fast shipping!
cyphur: Great seller - Fast shipment! AA++! thank you!
jbhalper: Seller shipped quickly, items described accurately, all-around a good experience. I would purchase from White Line Games again.
TonyM: Never have done me wrong.
kevin276: perfect transaction thanks
Hobbs: Perfect! Thanks
Hobbs: Perfect!
TonyM: Great service, bought cards from three sellers, beat one by one day and the other by at least two days. Would recommend.
BrewCrew: Great Seller!!!
BrewCrew: Great Seller!!!
BrewCrew: Great Seller!!!
BrewCrew: Great Seller!!!
BrewCrew: Great Seller!!!
BrewCrew: Great Seller!!!
BrewCrew: Great Seller!!!
stanman312: Incredibly fast! Will definitely buy again.
jalmynar: I an still waiting on a status update about this order. My problem here is that when I called two weeks after I had sent the cards I was informed that you had received them and were just behind in processing them. I week later I was again told that you did
Tourach: everything went fine, thank you
Al_Q: Quick shipment!
PANICS: Pretty good selection. Took a long time to confirm the shippable. Has taken extremely long time to be delivered. Almost two weeks!!
Parisdirt: Fast and Easy trans. :)
Baller33: Great condition fast shipping
CalebD: Great Service. They're not always the cheapest, but they make up for it with humongous selection, great service, high quality cards, and fast shipping.
Bludex: A+
abracadaver: Quick shipping and great price. Awesome as always.
Jon12341: The package arrived very quickly, only 2 days after shipped. All the cards were in great condition, and there were no mistakes.
Zantores: Ungiven reason for my payment not going through yet...
1forever: always a pleasure thank you especially to chris and rob @white lion games
liquidknight: Quick and awesome, everything as promised. Love this store :)!
ChrisHerr: Cards arrived quickly and is great shape.
Galactamus: Ive went through this 3 times already and each time was a success! Great speed and great condition!
Al_Q: Items arrived swiftly!
iwantmymtg: This is absolutely the worst possible experience I have ever had dealing with an online retailer. Terrible communication, and they have not taken my situation seriously. I sold them some cards on June 7th, 2010. The total was $50.07. After slashing this to
cyphur: great seller - Fast ship! A++
ambivalentduck: Fast shipping, cards all in stated shape, good prices. I love this store.
Floris: when will the package arrive
TheGreatfox: Cards in perfect condition. Order filled completely.
HWHarry: One of the cards ordered was a Liliana Vess, a Liliana's Caress was sent in by mistake. I called WLG up, told them what happened, and they are correcting the mistake free of charge. A minor inconvenience, but they were very understanding and accommodating
Norab: Delivered in 3 days. Cards in good condition. Thanks.
TheGreatfox: All cards received! thanks
djv00d00: Just wondering when my order will be shipped out.
NewAgeSin: I did receive the cards a bit later than I had hoped but they all came in pristine condition carefully wrapped.
athunder1: i give props to chris he is a good business man and a good guy
mackasmack: This seller was a couple of fauna shamans amongst other things and every card was accounted for and in amazing condition. I thought that near mint would mean the cards had nicks and dings but these cards are perfect. Highly recommended seller
hunterxy: All cards received, thanks
barleypatch: all cards arrived in excellent condition and timing thanks alot guys!
pod_cagava: Items as described, fast shipping, recommended!
clutch: Fast as ever and at amazing prices. I really love this store. Quality service.
that1dude: Great to do business with.
rainythirteen: Please make clearer to your customers that orders after 12 noon on Friday won't even ship until Monday. I placed two orders - one before noon, one at 12:41pm. One got here on the following Monday, and the other hadn't even shipped as of 3pm Monday.
juswil: I made my order 1 day after 3 other companies and they still beat the other 3 to my door.
andmac1950: Fast delivery, excellent business. Thank you.
Magichat: Super fast shipping! I was shocked to see it in the mail today. Thanks a lot!
Hobbs: Excellent seller. Thanks!
ebbster: Great seller, will do business again
Khalrain: All cards arrived in the correct condition and all were accounted for. Thank you.
abracadaver: I just died in your arms tonight it must have been something you said! (Got my cards freaken fast, thanks!!!)
dlopour: never received order. still waiting or i just got my money just stolen. tried to contact them over e-mail and phone, never got any feedback.
neond1984: fast shipping, professional attitude, card condition accurate, great service!! couldn't get any better than this!!
Spizzleb: got the cards thanks
Baller33: Quick shipping great condition.
Baller33: Quick shipping great condition.
Baller33: Quick shipping great condition.
Baller33: Quick shipping great condition.
Baller33: Quick shipping great condition.
barleypatch: you guys rule
juswil: A great company and a perfect transaction I will do more business with this company.
jaa1085: Fast Shipping!
Baller33: Quick shipping, good condition.
Baller33: Quick shipping, good condition.
Baller33: Quick shipping, good condition.
mackasmack: Great seller!!! The cards are always in mint condition even if they say it is only near mint. The cards arrive quickly and they are always safely packaged. I really like this seller.
thabusdriver: im just wondering why my order hasnt shipped out yet i need it by fri and u havent even shipped yet please do what u can to ensure delivery by friday thanks
talltree: Good Seller, fast shipping
Daevo: Great cards, outstanding condition!!
Aarogoth: Quick shipping, cards in great condition.
NewAgeSin: Got all the cards in great condition. Sorry for the delay on the feedback.
MattConroy: Everything arrived as described
Jangles: Shipped & received very quickly and in great condition!
Sardon: Shipped extremely fast, very pleased with card condition. Even the two older cards I purchased were in almost brand new condition. Outstanding prices, amazing delivery. Perfect first impression.
devil_locke: Thank you!
stanman312: Everything was in great shape. Will do business again.
stanman312: Everything arrived as ordered. Good condition.
stanman312: Great product. Good seller!
Jangles: Wouldn't buy from any other place now unless absolutely need!
Enfenion: Fast delivery, quality of cards as stated. =)
MrStolpe: Arrived quickly.
mehungary: White lion Games, I have received all the ordered cards as described. Thank you.
mackasmack: Great seller...always shipped fast and the cards are in very good condition!!! I keep ordering so you know they are a good seller!
nvirus63116: Good prices and good stock. Fast shipping.
magent_mx: First time shopping here, will surely do so again on the future now that I know there is quality service
Zaechs: Took a rather long time by comparison to the other two orders placed on the same date to receive. Not sure if it was slow on delivery of funds, or what, but it took much longer. Received it around four days after the rest, last coming in 5-days of order.
devil_locke: Thanks again!
devil_locke: Thanks!
Rick_Cottentree: Really fast. Ordered on Wednesday and in time for FNM.
Xellarant: Very timely from the time of shipping. Very good condition. Very satisfied.
Novalius: Fast shipping, great quality & prices. Thank you.
Xellarant: shipping time was a day or so later than I'm used to, but the condition of the cards was great.
MJPeters5904: Great service and quick shipment.
kryptographik: Ordered from three different places on the same day, this order got here first!
mackasmack: Always quick and in good shape!!!
juswil: A perfect seller.
Xellarant: good vendor. quickly becoming one of my favorites.
nummy: there was an order mixup and instead of leaving me hanging, they fixed it and threw in some extras to make up for the error. received fine.
nummy: first time ordering with them, great experience. shipped very quick.
cyphur: Great Seller aAA+++
84lemmings: good, fast service. Will buy from again
Novalius: Great, fast service as always. Thank you!
Blackhawk: Quick shipping and no problems. Will buy from again in future.
Xellarant: always good.
nummy: shipped quick
Schwarzwind: On essential magic, I actually ordered 'Emrakul, the Aeons Torn' and on the order it comes up as 'Hand of Emrakul', if thats what I end up getting, I will not be very happy.
Pirateer: great seller!
andmac1950: All OK!
Giovanni101101: prompt delivery. cards arrived in good condition.
stormcrow: solid, all the cards came in and it came in fast.
clericrpg: Fantastic service a pleasure to do business with
MasterBruceAlee: Good seller will buy from him again.
jonnyd: Great service, fast.
mehungary: i got it all finally.
Baller33: Great condition, fast shipping
Baller33: great condition fast shipping
Jangles: Received fast and in great condition!
shiru: Was not shipped the worldwake packs, and went through hell trying to get a refund. After a whole lot of trouble and lots of misunderstanding on their part, I finally got the refund like a month later. The rest of the order was shipped promptly which is abo
dicky: Awesome A+!!
Baller33: Great condition fast shipping
krimit: 2 helldozers, 2 regrowth, 4 dark rituals, and 2 decree of anhilations were not included in the package. The cards were sealed and i assumed that another package would have the remaining cards.
Antonio593: Quick to ship, well packaged.
nummy: fast
dixie2010789: card got here in exellent condition.
Thax_RoyalAssassin: Great Company! Have done business with them a few times and have nothing but glowing reviews for them. My fiance placed an order on the 21st for a christmas gift for me and it was at our house before Christmas!! Looking forward to this one arriving fast as
Sailingcindy: Although slow to respond to customer service requests the payment was made quickly. also took a little long to update status but overall thanks guys :)
Boofjat: Had a slight mistake in my initial order, but was fixed. Got right cards and they are in great condition. Thanks.
Dracomi: Excellent seller...Fast delivery
Dracomi: Excellent seller...Fast delivery
Dracomi: Excellent seller...Fast delivery
Dracomi: Excellent seller...Fast delivery
Kensei: The cards were late by a week, but they are in good contition. Probably they arrived so slow because of the airport closes around chrismas.
Albino_Bill: thanks for the fast shipping, and good cards.
brett2008ad: nice
Kensei: Was late by 2 weeks, but cards are in good condition. One of the cards was japanese, not what I ordered.
Novalius: Very fast and accurate order as usual. Thank you very much! ^.^
Vasas: Cards received promptly and in as advertised condition. Well protected too. Many thanks!
jjdrew99: Always a pleasure.
jjdrew99: Always a pleasure.
jjdrew99: Always a pleasure.
jjdrew99: Always a pleasure.
Stalin828: I received my order extremely fast. All of the cards were there. Awesome!
ewmillard: I have ordered from them several times. Of all the sellers I have had transactions with, they are the best. Unequivocally recommended.
LiXinjian: Very pleasant experience, thank you!
Baller33: Great condition fast shipping
Baller33: Great condition fast shipping
Brit: :D
Socio: I was very pleased with the product and the company. I ordered some cards just the day before this order, forgetting some cards I wanted, and they must have noticed they had the same address and ended up sending them together in the same box.Thanks a lot!
mcjason21: Cards arrived in quick fashion and in great condition!
sandsss: Excellent
neond1984: Great cards, great condtion, great price, fast shipping, excellent service!! Thanks a bunch!!
uptownjoel: This vendor is very honest. I would recommend them.
Sailingcindy: Much better service than last time they have re-earned my business. work with this seller whenever you can! Quick and easy! :D Thanks Guys!
Skyfox1988: Cards on here were in stock and cheaper than Card Kingdom. In addition to having better prices than Card Kingdom my cards came on the second day! White Lion Games is a good card shop and I would recommend them highly.
fanta2349: not fastest shipping but cards came in
VoxWah: Great Seller A+
Caffeinepirate: Good prices, GREAT selection, and fast shipping. Thanks!
mehungary: Yay I got it all
juswil: perfect
Randmage: A+
lmoustafa11: fast shipping, just as decribed, a+ seller
PROF: Great seller.
PROF: Missing a couple of cards.
Knapik: White Lion Games is the absolute best Vendor I have EVER dealt with, I dont know what anyone would say about these guys, so personable, so friendly, really really great guys, I just can't say enough!!!!
KuulGryphun: All cards arrived in a timely manner! Will definitely do business with again if I'm looking for more cards.
Roogie: Expected the cards I ordered to come in a little sooner than they did, however, I am happy with the packaging and condition the cards were in upon arrival. Overall good prices and experiences just send out the order sooner if possible.
Novalius: Very fast shipping and great, friendly service as always. Highly recommend this vendor! :)
juswil: perfect
jeffbcrandall: Seller did a great job of making a potentially bad situation right, would definitely continue to buy from them in the future :).
1nkdad85: received the cards really quickly. thank you very much. there are only 2 stores i rely on through bidwicket and you guys are the numero uno of those 2!
Jmadorma: received cards in a few days
ryancheng8: Fast Shipping & Mint Cards. A+
Brit: :D
nelson: this is not what i ordered
xiang: WLG processed my order the day it arrived to them. Great service!
prinsallan: Perfect!
prinsallan: Perfect!
anguz: Always had a great experience with White Lion. Cards dispatched fast and in great condition.
anguz: Cards arrived quickly and in expected condition. Thanks.
Recycler: I am sry but this is the wrong card.. Plz cancel this order. Some how the system put the wrong card.
Papou: This seller simply KICK ASS!!!
nny: Everything was in great condition and was delivered faster than exspected. One of my new favorite sites for sure.
nny: Everything was in great condition and was delivered faster than exspected. My new favorite sites for sure.
BrewCrew: Great Job!
BrewCrew: Great Job!
BrewCrew: Great Job!
AlphaKeny1: Personally contacted me to confirm the large order and promptly shipped. Thanks, it was appreciated.
AntFarm: Great seller. Highly recommended. Cards in excellent condition and at great prices. Would do business with again. A+++++
neond1984: Great cards, great condition, great price, fast ship, awesome seller!! Thanks!! Requested fast ship for a PTQ & recieved cards in 2 business days!!
seanroyce: Thanks!
Chalesm: Fast shipping, product as advertised
Chalesm: Fast shipping, everything as it should be
Chalesm: Fast shipping, good results
TPro: Would like to know when the cards will arrive. it has been 3 weeks now
Harphroah: Always a pleasure doing busy with you! Buying or Selling
Hooya: All cards arrived in timely manner.
Kensei: fast delivery, enslave instead of stalking stones, but there was an extra knight of stormgald
juswil: A perfect transaction.
JediScholar: Cards are great, this is a great seller!
talltree: Great seller. Have done business with them several times. Always a good experience.
Rick_Cottentree: Great condition! Fast and accurate delivery!
Novalius: Extremely fast shipping and great cards. Highly recommend this vendor!
Xellarant: いい でした。
Cobar: I mistakenly selected my parent's address for these cards. Please ship to: Hampton Maxwell PO Box 4334 Chico, CA 95927 if possible. If not no worries I can pick up the cards from them. Feel free to call me at 530-680-3218 for confirmation if needed.
wkv: A couple cards were not quite NM as described, but most everything was okay. Would probably buy from again.
smashbro: Prompt shipping, good packaging, thanks.
smashbro: Fast shipping, good packaging, thanks.
prinsallan: Perfect!
prinsallan: Perfect!
animehorror: fast shipping and great cards
animehorror: fast and great cards
Socio: Cards are in great condition, and were shipped safely.
rayray: thank ya'll
rayray: thanks ya'll
rayray: thanks ya'll
Brit: Sweet
juswil: perfect
Stalin828: Cards were in excellent condition.
jaso: Extremely poor service. I waited two months for my order and have went through countless arguements with these guys. I have just found out that my order was sent today. I have no idea if I will ever see these cards.
rayray: always a plessure
lucius520: Order arrived quickly and cards were in condition precisely as described. Would definitely by from again.
robertojgonzales: Great
JediScholar: Very fast shipping.
JoshZK: Great Service. Really quick. I'd buy again.
zerox: Excellent! A++
Tryfor: its fine
Jon12341: The order was perfect, and arrived quicker then I expected, a great seller.
ironpit: fast and serious
Dracomi: Great seller! Fast delivery
jbrsci: Awesome Cards!
mrshoes_mtg: Good seller!
Silverwako: Great item, packaging, and super quick shipping.
flyingtiger: Cards were in great condition, everything was packaged solidly and shipping/response time were extremely fast. Would definitely recommend!
magent_mx: Great transaction
TalkingHeads: Great Seller!
AlphaKeny1: Shipped promptly and arrived quickly. Thanks
Ubersarsh: cool
AntFarm: Perfect seller. Perfect transaction. A+++++
ebMusicman84: Super fast shipping, all cards in pristine condition!
replicds: Cards arrived in good time and good shape. Thanks!
JediScholar: Amazingly fast shipping.
dlhst50: These fellows were very helpful (I had to call them because I had an issue with the address) and the order was correct. It was great! Will definitely order from them again.
replicds: Cards arrived quickly and in good condition.
magent_mx: Wonderful as always
Raiden: great seller thank
freytaea: positive
bluebaron: I'd definitely would buy from them again.
mrfechetto: fast shipment, good card condition
mstevens11: Good condition. Arrived in 5 days.
LoD: Cards in good condition, everything went fast and OK
Grahamables: This was the first time for me working with a vendor on BidWicket and it could not have been easier. Kudos! White Lion Games just earned a repeat customer. Thank you again for making this such a painless process.
Niur1: Absolutely amazing. The quickest and most accurate order I have ever purchased. Ordered late one night, sent out next day and received it the following at standard shipping. Cards are in perfect condition and was neatly packaged. I would definitely recomme
instanttomen: 2 out of the 4 "Caves of Koilos" were in a different addition. I don't really care that much, but I thought I should point that out.
instanttomen: Got here on time, and in good condition.
instanttomen: Got here on time, and in good condition.
Lanjin: Everytime I buy from White Lion Games, they send it fast and it gets here before everyother place I buy from! Even before stores that sell within state. Loyal customer here!
trancer99: I am currently awaiting a resolution of a dispute with this company.
dracogeist612: Fast and as described Excellent Service. Will buy from again.
Shastas: Fast and reliable
Shastas: Once again fast and great service
walksamongstars: Very fast
hobbygoblins: Nice job shipped in timely manner as described.
cosmic_slyder: White Lion Games is juicy.
Lanjin: Simply awesome! White Lions is fast and prices are good if not great.
mtblue: They reduced the amount they stated they would sell cards for because they did not like certain cards, but when requested to return said cards they did not return them. I did finally get a response. Changed post to Neutral from Negative.
aeroplaneflieshigh: Fast shipping, nice packaging. no problems and cards came in good quality.
Riley: Cards were in great condition, shipped fast, couldn't ask for more
akorn63087: great
dinath151: great seller
jchepenik: Some cards could have been in better condition, considering the size and cost of my order.
mehungary: I got it all and it was Fast!
TrickyFish: Hi, I ordered my cards about a week and a half ago, and I still haven't received my shipment, and I was wondering if everything was alright.
jesscapades: Thank you! If you sell cards to vendors be sure to include your info and transaction info for faster processing!
Coastieleeb: Great Seller
Coastieleeb: Great Seller
Brakiss1866: GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ebMusicman84: Excellent as always! Thanks :)
Coastieleeb: Great Seller
sephacor: Great seller and very fast shipper
AntFarm: Perfect seller. Perfect transaction. A+++++. Thank you.
Cabbagepatches: Your prices are awesome! Thanks.
akorn63087: Order came with everything I had ordered all in great condition. Repeat business and positive both times thus far. I'm sure i'll be back!
Gabrosin: Cards arrived promptly and in the promised conditions. Would buy from this seller again.
Rathni2155: Great to Deal With!
Kijin: Great seller!
flyingtiger: Cards were in great condition, everything was packaged solidly and shipping/response time were extremely fast. Would definitely recommend!
jbrsci: Awesome cards thanks!
joepierce: Where do I send card? need address please!
Coastieleeb: Great Seller
greyninja: I ended up calling White Lion Games after making my purchase to confirm my order, and the guy I talked to was really nice. He pretty much knew exactly when my order would ship and arrive at my door, and he even hooked it up with a bunch of land cards and s
ferrenmohs: Everything was there. Just took some time getting through the border. Thanks, man.
eustache: My appreciation is actually better than neutral (esp. for very quick shipping) but I can't give full positive feedback because one non-negligible card (Ice Age Brushland) was in a very played condition instead of the agreed Near Mint
claretcrab: perfect
Shadowstorm: Exactly what I ordered at a great price. Placed on the 20th and arrived on the 23rd in good, acceptable packaging. Will buy from White Lion Games again no question.
AlphaKeny1: Thanks
hoxe: Awesome, already got 2nd order in.
Azrael0x0: came very quick excellent condition. A+++++. Had all the cards i needed.
Azrael0x0: came very quick excellent condition. A+++++. Had all the cards i needed.
Rahka: fast delivery, everything correct
Humminna: Great order
jackie: you guys are awesome thanks for the help!!
Azrael0x0: a++++, came quick, good packaging
JoshZK: Quick Shipping everything looked great.
BlastodermMan: Very happy with White Lion Games. Got the card the same week it was ordered. I will definitely order from again in the future. Thanks...Carl
hoxe: Fast shipping, excellent service. White lion continues to impress.
AlmightySK: perfect
WhiteKnight3: All cards in stated condition.
bluebaron: Near-Mint to these people is a Loosely used word. On top of the large order I placed, I am missing a few of the cards I ordered. Edit: Once notified about the problem, these guys will work with you to fix it offering store credit or waiting for the car
Novalius: Fast shipping, great quality cards. Thank you!
Coastieleeb: Great Seller
AlphaKeny1: Package arrived and was missing a card valued, at time of purchase, $40. Sent an email telling them about this; so far it has largely been ignored (2 days so far). UPDATE: Now resolving the issue over email. They were very concerned about my negative fe
ImmortalStrain: Thanks!
ferrenmohs: Everything arrived within 2 weeks. Thanks guys!
Coastieleeb: great seller
mharrs: Cards were shipped quickly and in stated condition. Would do business with this seller again.
Zahruna: Great cards for great price! All in fantastic condition! Thank you!
snowmanmiki: One card wasn't quite near mint but acceptable.
polaris120990: The cards came fast and they were packaged very well. I will be ordering from here again.
Elsdragon: Fast, effective, if expensive. Well done.
Chalesm: Good, fast delivery
Azkadelia: Fast shipping and all the cards are in wonderful quality!
The_Spirit: Items shipped super fast and in great condition, with very reasonable shipping charges and card prices, to boot. Also, I was very glad to see White Lion had all the cards I was looking for, so I didn't have to place orders with multiple stores and pay mult
NDkEwL: Arrived significantly faster than expected
sega4ever: great seller, will buy from again
sega4ever: great seller, will buy from again
sega4ever: great seller, will buy from again
sega4ever: great seller, will buy from again
sega4ever: great seller, will buy from again
sega4ever: great seller, will buy from again
sega4ever: great seller, will buy from again
sega4ever: great seller, will buy from again
SJB: Very nice product!
SJB: Very nice product!
dmalk: Poor customer service. I emailed them immediately after submitting my order because I made a mistake. The order has since arrived and is exactly what I paid for; however, no one ever got back with me. Ignoring your customers is a good way to lose them.
gnslngr: Great transaction!
Homarid: Shipping was more than would have been preferred, but the item was inexpensive and arrived in perfect condition - so it was worth it.
lazynova: Fast shipping
hoxe: Amazing service and fast shipping, both things that I've come to expect from WLG already.
mstevens11: Items arrived in three days in good condition. Thanks White Lion!
snowmanmiki: Awesome as always.
magent_mx: Great transaction as expected.
magent_mx: Great transaction as expected.
prinsallan: Perfect!
eustache: My appreciation is actually better than neutral (esp. for very quick shipping) but I can't give full positive feedback because several foil basic lands were not Near Mint (and one of them unplayable)
iplaythisgame: Quick Accurate Shipment
akorn63087: Repeat customer. Usually low prices for what I need
Rakshassa: Honest, communicative, and friendly. Will do business again.
osiris30x: Good shipping, fast easy and accurate, must reccoment
trancer99: I am currently awaiting a resolution of a dispute with this company.
Amaru96: Very fast shipping! great product :)
The_Spirit: Another great transaction from WLG. Second time buying from them. Quick shipping, reasonable card/shipping prices, good packaging. recommended.
The_Spirit: Yet again, another fantastic transaction from WLG. Fast shipping, good card/shipping costs, and good packaging. Recommended.
donnewhitehead: Got the cards I ordered without a problem.
brett2008ad: good work!
Chalesm: good, as ordered.
Haleman: Fast safe shipping. Item arrived in perfect condition
Rathni2155: Fast and prompt transaction. Great to deal with!
Mikotey: I got the cards I needed in a timely manner. I wish I had the ability to watch my package while it was traveling, but that would have only been a luxury. I am thoroughly satisfied.
Ca11idus: Wow...I got these in no time! and in perfect condition AND I got some free inserts! Kool service, even kooler company.
walksamongstars: Good
shagg08: Good Cards, Received quick no problems. Would recommend
sephacor: Great seller and fast shipper
Jangles: I just recieved an empty package...I am SOOOOOOOO PISSED!
mrfechetto: this is my third time ordering from White Lion Games and every time has been on time shipping and expected quality cards
The_Spirit: Always a good experience with WLG. This is my third order with them, and I've never experienced a problem. Quickly shipped, good packaging, and competitive prices. Thanks again, WLG!
projhex: Received cards the next day.
mehungary: Ahh White lion games, Once again you provide me with quality service. I have received all the purchased items. Thank you.
c0untxt0xz3r0: Shank you. You did well.
Haleman: as always Fast safe shipping. Item arrived in perfect condition
replicds: Cards arrived quickly and in good condition. Thanks!
replicds: Cards arrived quickly and in good condition. Thanks!
beabar: Good and fast, but miss the list of the cards and the bild
osiris30x: great as always quick and painless buying reccomend
rorschac2000: Great service, great product, fast shipping.
zwillia3: I have been trying to contact you for over a week about an item missing from my order.
SuperJudge: I got all my cards I ordered which is good. However, I had asked if I could add some cards to the order before it was shipped and was told I could and the shipment was put on hold. I was ignored after that and the shipment was sent out without my consent.
eustache: Excellent, thanks! :-D
Sevan: Took six weeks to resolve problems they were having with my order. They are very difficult to reach over the telephone. Go somewhere else to save time and money.
vandenni: Fast delivery and cards were good as or better than promised. Will definately order from again!
Possibilitiez: Fast Shipping! Easy to communicate with. Will continue business with them!
Possibilitiez: Fast Shipping! Great business! Will continue business with them.
mastamynd69: Package took over a month to be delivered. Seller did not bother responding to emails requesting assistance and avoided the whole situation altogether. Will not purchase from again.
mastamynd69: Package took over a month to be delivered. Seller did not bother responding to emails requesting assistance and avoided the whole situation altogether. Will not purchase from again.
The_Spirit: As always, another great transaction from WLG. Saved me a boat load of money off of what my local comic shop wanted to charge me for these cards. Thanks!
magent_mx: Great buy as always
Milaryn: Very professional =) Thanks!
Hellishglow: Quick delivery and quality merchandise. Excellent seller, looking forward to repeat business!
fredy: ..Lo recomiendo...Just Perfect..thank you..
dmalk: One of the cards advertised in near-mint was in poor condition. Took about 2 weeks to get exchanged. No recompense made for my return shipping costs or the hassle. I'm slightly annoyed.
pw7090: Sent 2 buy list orders in and they go a month without contact, then randomly offer half of their original offer. Be VERY cautious when selling them cards.
hobo466: arrive as ordered
Possibilitiez: Return customer. Great service! Fast Shipping! Will continue to do business with them.
Haleman: as always Fast safe shipping. Item arrived in perfect condition
SpecialBlendBlack: I got everything quickly and in great condition. Thanks for the great service.
L00pert: Order was processed, shipped, and delivered quickly. Cards arrived quickly and in perfect mint condition. Will keep White Lion Games in mind in the future.
prinsallan: Perfect!
br549er9: Fast shipping and great cards. Thanks
Weezer1523: Im happy to see you all have such resonable prices . Thank you
spawngod316: product was in mint condition and sent on time. would buy from again
Amaru96: Thanks! great product. Exactly as described
Blackbird: Ok
Haleman: as always Fast safe shipping. Item arrived in perfect condition
Wesley: Easy to use. Great selection.
HawkShark: Cards arrived quickly, were as advertised and well packaged. Would buy from again. AAA+++
fergy57: A+++ seller
Inf1d3l: Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful!!! Cards in excellent condition and shipping was amazingly fast!!!
azndrgn: Cards came in ok, only issue was how they packed the cards using a hand paper towel and duck taping the whole thing. Could improve on how you packed cards like with a plastic container.
HawkShark: Cards arrived quickly, were as advertised and well packaged. Would buy from again. AAA+++
mehungary: All items accounted for. Thank you.
replicds: Cards arrived in good condition.
sheamander: thanks
Magicme: Great place. Will buy from you guys again.
akorn63087: Great as always. Perfect card condition, accurate and reasonable. Even with a miscommunication and mistake on my part they got the cards here in the alotted shipping time.
Akcent: Not a problem whatsoever.
Cory: 2 items as described, 3rd in poor condition. Chris worked out compensation.
Kringlizer: Had issue with seller and was promptly resolved!
Harphroah: Always Good Business, Great Condition, and Ships Quickly
jbrsci: Awesome cards, excellent customer relations!
Aethios: Undercut my sell order by about 10%, but paid me and shipped my buy order within a reasonable amount of time.
hexen112590: awesome
taskmage: Order was processed and shipped in a timely manner. Cards arrived good condition. Would have liked to have a paper invoice with the cards. I Would do business with seller again.
spiritoradio: Great price. Fast shipping. Great Seller.
truegrave: got exactly what I ordered and in a timely manner
dicemanx: Very satisfied with my order. Cards were in great condition and shipping to Canada was relatively quick. Thanks!
Azumo: Cards were in good shape and condition HOWEVER - I paid for premium 2-3 day shipping and it took about a week to get to me.
walksamongstars: Fast and efficient
Sunshine: Can I get an address to ship this to please. Thank you.
lazpa: thanks!
oioifatjim: quick shipment will update once item received
samtherock: i have paid whit paypal. please check what wrong. i have a confirmation from paypal. transaction id :3dd67716nk1897420 The adress is good: 920 rue myrand app 11 Quebec, qc, Canada g1v 2v9
jchepenik: They were out of stock on some items I ordered, but sent a nice note and offered to refund. I've ordered from them many times and I still think they're A+.
rainythirteen: .
bactrian5: Great company to do business with
bactrian5: I keep coming back for the great service
BoredMaster6f9: Took over 2 weeks to get my cards, and several of the "near mint" cards I bought were played, scratched, and not "near mint." I ordered some cards from 3rd Coast Cards 2 days earlier, in the same manner (sold some, bought some), and received them a full w
mharrs: Items arrived quickly and in stated condition. I will certainly do business with White Lion Games again.
fredy: All perfect.I recommend it.
jaa1085: Send 1 of 4 cards and cash for the refund. If I knew you were sending 1 card, I would of had you REFUND ORDER GENIUS!!!
br549er9: Quick shipping excellent cards.
Makoa_Darkbyrd: Fast and reliable
redrocket: The cards arrived ridiculously fast and they are all mint!! You guys are awesome!!
airavatar12: GREAT DEAL THANKS
airavatar12: GREAT DEAL THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!
garensbobarens: Great, will do business again in future
akorn63087: Great as always. I am a repeat customer so I'm running out of different good things to say. Always a pleasure
neprud: Oh man! The cards showed up just as expected. They are so shiny and glorious...
fudji: thank you shipping and good deal
Harphroah: Always had a great timely ship and always what the product was labeled as
dubman83: awesome
Arphila: Had a little trouble at first with the ordering process, than I called into white lion games and they were able to take care of the problems I was having. Very friendly and effective.
dansky: 3 day shipping
dansky: Very Fast
chest_rockfield: Mint order. Never a problem.
noodlehead818: Had everything i wanted, and for a good cheap price... Thanx!!!
endersblade: Quick shipping, thanks!
Cak18: Great service. Very fast. No cards missing. And cards in good condition. Definetely buying from them again in the near future!
norankshogun: Awesome cards! A++
juswil: perfect
immakiku: Fast shipping!
immakiku: Fast shipping!
mharrs: Great price, NM condition, and ultra fast shipping. What more can you want?
immakiku: Fast shipping!
Weezer1523: great
Gamelover: Everything arrived promptly. Great to do business with!
generalsharky: Cards arrived quickly and as described. A+
generalsharky: Cards arrived quickly and as described. A+
faizali: Very good!!
EchaniDrgn: Thank you for the solid communication and personal attention. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.
Magicme: This has only been the second time I have ordered from whiteliongames but their service has been amazing and tha prices are great.
dicemanx: Fast shipping, cards in stated condition. Recommended!!
Genshu: Quick shipping, cards are as described.
Affinity_Hater: Good seller
neond1984: Great cards, great condition, great price, fast ship (as always), AWESOME SELLER!! Thanks!!
abracadaver: Great as always, thanks again!
Kiraku: Turned up very fast ,sorry for late feed back didnt know where it was on bidwicket
Kiraku: Turned up very fast ,sorry for late feed back didnt know where it was on bidwicket
chase128: Cards were in great condition. Timely shipping. No issues throughout the whole process. I will use White Lion again in the future for single card purchases.
Expurgate: All cards arrived but one in good condition and speedy, but seller did not respond to emails regarding missing card.
jkiner: A++ Service
jkiner: Always awesome service.
jkiner: Ultra fast shipping.
jkiner: A++
Macadosche: AMAZING customer service, superior pricing, and quick shipping. I could not ask for a better transaction. White Lion went above and beyond, the owner even called me personally at my home to make sure my order was processed to my satisfaction. Excelsior!
Magicme: All the cards came fast and neat. All the cards were in good condition. Love white lion games will keep buying from them in the future.
liquicl: Quick reliable service
molfranzofith: Combined with other order. Unusual but effective.
Vinashan: Thanks for the cards! We'll order again if you restock more cards.
dancam1: Great as always
dansky: Fast shipping
akorn63087: Awesome business
WilliamHBony: On time and the cards are in great condition. Thanks.
novn: Fast shipping!
novn: Thanks!
novn: Thanks!
greyninja: super nice guys. shipped fast, good prices, etc
fergy57: i buy here often for a reason.
noodlehead818: great service
Snugglepants: Quick shipping, just not sure who they shipped it through...
lextex: Great stuff - almost all cards in nice specified NM condition!
lextex: Everything was solved in a fast and kind manner!! Thx, I'll keep buyng from you and use the refound to get more cards to replace the few once that didnt meet specified conditioon! ++++++ Lars T
eustache: Kobolds not near mint, still a good shipment
andrewbacon: Great transaction!!
andrewbacon: Great transaction!!
norankshogun: Awesome cards! A++
endersblade: Great store, highly recommended.
nerd4saie: Great Service!
neond1984: Great cards, great condition, great price, fast ship, AWESOME SELLER!! Thanks!!
CHEESE: Great seller, fast shipping!
hishnik707: Excellent service, product arrived as fast as possible! The prices were low compared to competitors. I would buy from them again.
prinsallan: Perfect!
Abbelorick: Perfect. Thanks
cmlobue: Cards arrived quickly and in good condition. Would do business with again.
krazykid: Great Seller
neond1984: Great cards, great condition, great price, fast ship, AWESOME SELLER as always!! Thanks!!
immakiku: missing the brimstone volleys, not a big deal
Bradits: Great Quality and Quick shipping got em in time for friday night magic.
FitcionCompany: I was very pleased to see that my order arrived so soon! I got it today, but I am missing nearly two thirds of the cards. I received every card on the list below down to the 15th item (Novijen, Heart of Progress). I am missing all the other cards!
akorn63087: Awesome as usual.
Amaru96: Great Transaction. Thanks =]
Zahruna: Great cards, fast shipping, thanks!
endersblade: Cards got here quickly, thanks a bunch!
frmedel: Post problems
Michzor: First offshore order (Netherlands) Good service!
jotek: These guys have repeatedly offered excellent services order after order! I highly recommend them!
shanan42: got them fast and affordable thanks
hikaruonline: Super amazing. Cannot believe the incredible shipping speed. Cards in excellent condition. One of the best
Pilule: Great service !
ebbster: Great seller, would do business again AAA++
ebbster: Great seller, would do business again AAA++
rkf_78: Hi, Thank you for your efforts and the good follow-up to fix the situation! Cheers, Francois
rkf_78: Thank you. Received the cards.
jchepenik: Thanks!
faizali: Awesome!! Good quality, fast shipping!!
jchepenik: Absolutely perfect, thanks!
TheHemming: Excellent trade & sell experience.
shanan42: got them thanks
novn: Fast shipping!
KeiosDiluere: Order received fast and in great condition
hoxe: Always excellent and speedy service from the best MTG singles vendor around.
Vorganz: Great !
AngelsMind: Took forever to pay me then ripped me off 10 dollars
mtgcards_be: Perfect
krimit: coolest looking cards ever.
Albino_Bill: thanks for the fast delivery, and the cool cards.
Armtron2000: awesome!
akorn63087: Again as usual they are great.
The_Spirit: Always a pleasure with WLG.
cfagan: excellent transaction, responsive customer service. all cards sent to White Lion were accepted and I was given a credit for my next order
shanan42: Got them what a great seller this is my 5th purchase and happy each time!
Naivos: Nicely packaged.
Darcon: Really fast delivery. Order was 100% correct. Very impressed and already placed a 2nd order.
Novalius: Fast shipping and great quality cards. Thank you!
tjdoomslayer: order arrived very quickly, like... hella quick... i was expecting to wait 2-3 weeks, order came in 3 days. cards where in better condition than described in most, if not then all cases. but i'm not complaining, this company is BAWLIN!
akorn63087: Missed one card I do many orders and they offered store credit which will not go to waste.
neond1984: Fast payment!! Thanks!!
neond1984: Fast payment!! Thanks!!
Darcon: Its nice to have the $6 credit since they had an inventory error on the forgotten ancients although I would have rather had the forgotten ancients.
akorn63087: This is my second order this month or so. Have another coming in always great
prinsallan: Took almost 5 weeks- which is a very long time for priority mail :/
dsblink182: great quality
akorn63087: Everything was great, the prices and the shipping speed. Had a problem on a previous order but they fixed it with this one.
The_Spirit: Big time thanks to WLG. They made a slight mistake and reimbursed me, only to make sure that a SINGLE copy of a card that got to them at the last minute went out with my shipment. Another great experience from WLG.
rkf_78: Hi, I paid for the Dolmen gate but it was missing from this order. You had mentioned you would send me a pack a M12 that I still haven't received... I am thinking of placing another order, so please add this card to it and I would like a discount
zerox: Awesome!!
themyth: I received the item in mint condition and was received on time
Shownuff: Great seller like usual. Fast shipping. A+++++
Shownuff: Great seller like usual. Fast shipping. A+++
ggyo: good work
jkiner: Always Fast.
jkiner: A++
jkiner: A++
jkiner: Cards arrived in mint condition.
animehorror: fast shipping =^_^=
heavyarmoire: Extremely quick, quality shipping, no amateur mistakes. Cards received exactly as marked.
animehorror: great cards and fast shipping
cainracing: Thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!!!
akorn63087: Great store as usual. Keep up the good work
akorn63087: Awesome
HawkShark: Cards arrived quickly, were as advertised and well packaged. Would buy from again. AAA+++
shanan42: Great to deal with quick reply via e-mail
juswil: perfect
ThePantheistPope: Thanks~!
mstevens11: Got the exact cards I ordered in less than a week.
noodlehead818: Good variety of content!
The_Spirit: Another great transaction from WLG. Got all my cards in just a few days, and they are always well packed and never missing anything. Thanks again.
Jarnhauss: Perfect!
ThePantheistPope: Perfect, thanks! No idea how they keep such old cards in such pristine condition!!
InsaneFlame: I used the $2.00 shipping for inside the US and all my cards came in excellent condition. I am very satisfied with White Lion.
Tree: Great order
akorn63087: Great as usual. Order number 14 with them
BoomShadow: I cannot say enough good things about them! FAST, accurate orders, competitive prices! Everything always comes so well packed too. Concise invoices and blazing speed. I will not order from any other company! Period! I go out of my way to order from them!
jkarn88: speedy and perfect condition
nerd4saie: super!
prinsallan: Package broken and all cards gone :/ Surely a postal error, but that doesn't help me much :?(
srhannah52: Excellent seller! They had everything I wanted and were willing to trade with just about everything I was trading!
claretcrab: waiting the package near 1 month package deteriorated because of water
MagicTrust: Yes, excellently recieved as usual, THE BEST MAGIC STORE PERIOD....................................................................................................................................................................................
Novalius: Very fast shipping and great quality cards as always. Thank you!
Onsan: Awesome as always.
ThePantheistPope: Thanks!
probablysleepy: Quick shipping, reasonable prices. Highly recommended!
Morhadel: thanks, quick and accurate.
mvt225: Super fast!
mharrs: Cards arrived quickly and in stated condition.
Xhinaeria: This purchase went well.
justinwalks: fast shipping and happy with cards. Will order from again.
justinwalks: great customer service!
Cybex: Received my cards, everything A1. I Just passed another order.
nummy: good seller!
KoHo11: great seller ...... very fast
Lexer: Nice cards and prices. Fast delivery!! Thanks.
andmac1950: OK!
andmac1950: OK!
rainman657: quick, easy, and no problems
rainman657: quick, easy, and no problems. These people are very friendly.
rainman657: go with what works, quick, easy, and no problems
JediScholar: Fast shipping, cards were as described! Top notch!
walksamongstars: Always fast.
rollingball: Very pleased. Cards arrived in a timely manner. Cards were in condition described. Communication was pleasant. Would definitely buy again.
Shtrdthrd: Received all items purchased on time and in good condition
seibian: i did the payment :)
myrsnipe: Delivered safely, altough slowly despite the express shipment, but thats probably ups's issue and not wlg's
jkiner: As always A++ service.
nerd4saie: Great again!
Murph9156: Thank you for your accommodations for the delayed shipping. Great doing business with you!
NewBeginning: Card arrived very quickly, thanks!
marcusoid: received all cards in the advertised condition
Onsan: These guys are the best. They are responsive, responsible and reasonable. I can't recommend them highly enough.
scarydeck: perfect
JediScholar: Amazing cards and super fast shipping. Thanks!
Latin11: Six days passed before my package was even shipped. I've had other places ship within an hour. That's not what I would call positive.
Conrad_Hilton: Great experience.
The_Spirit: WLG really came through. I had accidentally made two orders instead of just one big order, and e-mailed them asking if they would be so kind as to combine my orders. They replied and said yes, but then told me they would upgrade my shipping to priority, si
akorn63087: Countless orders with positive feedback every time
akorn63087: Awesome store
Big_Tookes: Thanks cards arrived just in time! Great customer service, will repeat business.
DJRage: Slow arrival but made it Order placed on 2/23 arrived on 3/5th
dakzai: Was it shipped u took the money out of my account so I hope it was shipped
Karkain: My cards were received quickly and I am very pleased with my purchase.
DJRage: Best price, becoming a fan of white lion's service
DJRage: Saved me money on multiple shipments, awesome service
DJRage: Just awesome.
DJRage: Looking forward to my next transaction with them
justinwalks: very happy with cards!
Lexer: 2nd order from White Lion Games, this time my cards were burnt and smokin' from the fast delivery! I really didn't think I would have them for Friday night, but Hell Yah! Thanks WLG.
akorn63087: Order 17
akorn63087: Order 18
mehungary: I got all the cards. Thank you for the prompt shipping
Chorster: Probably the best packaged cards ive received from a vender and very prompt with delivery. I would definitely order from them again. Only disadvantage there prices seem to always be higher them most venders.
Tauskie: Awesome. Fast. Good Prices.
Tauskie: Fast shipping, good prices.
JediScholar: Cards are perfect, shipping is super fast!
The_Spirit: WLG always takes care of me! Thanks again, guys!
JUCER007: No efectuaron el envio. Reintegraron el valor pagado. Not shipped,
lkeller77: Thanks so much! Just received shipment. Super fast shipping, great buy, easy process. Thanks again!
Coastieleeb: Fast shipper. Very positive experience. Will do business again.
mrbgddy: Quick and professional....nicely done!
receke: BUYERS BEAWARE. Payment cleared for a USPS priority shipping, seller said it was sent via 1st class mail by mistake. the parcel is missing, but Paypal refused to refund due to the seller provided a fake tracking number which stupid paypal treated as it was
Mlund: A bit slow to ship and deliver compared to other companies, but all the cards were in better than or as advertised condition.
camfrye: Shipped and arrived quickly, great packaging will buy from again.
Patken: Very happy with Whiteliongames. Keep up the nice work.
JediScholar: Cards ship very fast, and they are in perfect shape. Thanks again White Lion Games!
KMcCammack: Good stuff.
Tauskie: Awesome. Great Seller, Thank you.
Tauskie: Very Reliable. Thank you.
Tauskie: Came very fast. Thank you!
rikimbo: Everything as expected. Thanks. :)
bryanjnleong: Good stuff, if not a bit too long. Thanks.
lextex: 2 small value foils missing, but it's ok - no problems :))
Karkain: I'm totally satisfied with my order and experience (again). Quickly shipped in time for me to play MTG with some surprises up my sleeve. Rock on, White Lion!
Dane: Absolutely phenominal shipping. was hoping to get it this weekend before sunday so i could play my new commander deck, came in the mail after only two days and have been enjoying my cards. Thanks so much everyone at white lion!
akorn63087: Order 19
jkiner: A++
jkiner: A+
jkiner: A+
JesseBorg: Please Ship Out this order ASAP. I need it for a tournament this Friday. Thanks.
generalsharky: Cards arrived quickly and as described. A+
generalsharky: Cards arrived quickly and as described. A+
generalsharky: Cards arrived quickly and as described. A+
generalsharky: Cards arrived quickly and as described. A+
JediScholar: Cards are great, and they arrive extremely fast! Well done White Lion Games!
butter_scotch: Good as always, thanks again
bashums: Very Fast Shipping. Arrived 2 days after payment. Great Cards. Overall Great Transaction. Will buy from again.
scarydeck: another perfect transaction.
dracogeist612: Always Awesome.
jkiner: A+
jkiner: A++
jkiner: A+
JediScholar: Super fast shipping! Items are perfect!
bombadill10: quick fast and accurate
jordandragon23: good stuff... pretty fast
akorn63087: Order 20
vandenni: Fast delivery and cards were good as or better than promised. Will definately order from again!
grzyb12: Order to Poland (Europe). Cards were excellent quality. Great transaction. Thanks!
akorn63087: Order 21 item forgotten but I ordered 4 from two different sets. They are helping me out. Always a pleasure
nerd4saie: GREAT!
Novalius: Very fast shipping - great quality cards. Thank you!
XavRem: Fantastic seller, very prompt shipping.
XavRem: Great seller!
chath003: Everything was Great! Will buy again!
gola: Great service.
carloajm: I have been move,PAYPAL unchange~ 3F., No.15, Ln. 170, Songjiang Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei City 104, Taiwan (R.O.C.) 0955955836
bashums: Once again another solid transaction. Fast shipment. Low rates. Cards as described. Will do business again. Thank you.
mvarrette: Quick and Easy! A+
rek11: Perfect transaction. Thanks for the cards.
PWBROWN: Hi guys, Everything in my last order with you guys was great except I got only two rather than four dark rituals from masques. If you wouldn't mind sending the other two my way I'd much appreciate it. I still checked it as "positive" because you guys ha
BoredMaster6f9: As always, very fast shipping and the cards were in perfect condition. Thanks again White Lion!!! :-)
Elzia: The cards are in excellent condition. There was 1 card missing in my order, but they gave me a refund for it, so I'm happy with the transaction :)
srhannah52: Excellent as always
akorn63087: Order 22 and still counting. Made up for previous error with this order.
lextex: Great job! Thx :D
lextex: Super nice! Very good communication, and this seller is ambitious and always helps the buyer to solve any problems. I'll be back for more Magic-cards! :D
onkman: got here in two days!
jkiner: A++
jkiner: A++
akorn63087: Order number 23.
norankshogun: Awesome cards!! A++
gola: Fantastic.
JediScholar: Great cards, and they ship super fast! White Lion Games is the best!
Saga: Smooth and very fast shipping. Thanks guy!
Big_Tookes: Always a pleasure doing continuous business with you all.
rickkunkel: Thanks much!
FatFailKid: Cards came in great condition
FatFailKid: Cards came in great condition
akorn63087: Great store nice shipping
dman5590: was wondering why the payment is pending, was there a problem with the order?
grzyb12: Order to Poland (Europe). Cards were excellent quality. Great transaction. Thanks!
avernis68: Cards received quickly and in perfect condition.
avernis68: Cards received quickly and mint condition
derbychick: So far so good:} They are very professional!!!
nerd4saie: Excellent again. Top Notch Buyer and Seller. THE BEST!
george2319: Great card condition thank you!
JediScholar: Shipped extremely quick, cards are perfect. White Lion games is seriously the best you guys.
george2319: Excellent condition
talltree: Very fast shipping, great seller. Would definitely return as a buyer
Djtherapy: Great communication
Djtherapy: All Good
Djtherapy: Good store
Djtherapy: good
Djtherapy: Big money
Djtherapy: take these cards
george2319: Wrong Forrest sent, rest of cards excellent!
Abbelorick: Superb once more...
Vethrik: Cards received quickly and in good condition as usual.
claretcrab: One Breeding Pool was not Near Mint
mharrs: Order took a long time to ship and that irked me a bit. Once they finally sent it they threw in a pack of Dark Ascension which I appreciate. The cards I received were not in the condition I ordered. Was not happy.
butter_scotch: Great as always
dombea89: Cards arrived only a few days after the order in great condition. Great seller!
george2319: Happy with follow up
george2319: Thanks
bashums: Once again, incredibly fast shipping and cards as described in NM condition. Only place I buy from on bidwicket / essentialmagic. Thanks again.
Karkain: Nothing to say that I haven't already said.
fungusking: Good
fungusking: Very good
george2319: Always a pleasure dealing with WLG
Karkain: White Lion Games continues to leave me with no room for complaints. Thanks!
lordfido: Thank you! Looking for doing business with you again!
bashums: Once again a positive experience. Always comes through with as described cards with super fast shipping. Only place I shop for magic cards on bidwicket. Thanks!
akorn63087: Order number 25. Shipping is like clock work prices almost always great
mharrs: Quick shipping, cards in stated condition.
Karkain: WL Games = top notch, hands down.
Naivos: Wrong order -> mailed White Lion who quickly canceled it.
mharrs: Great service, quick shipment, cards in stated condition.
the_wenzel: ALL GREAT THANKS A TON!!!
Karkain: Another of the fastest shipments I've ever had the pleasure of receiving. Thanks!
Tauskie: Great! Thanks Guys!
kael_ironfeld: Timely and quality orientated
george2319: Great cards as usual but missing Hot Springs from Ice Age in order ;-(
Agnate: Everything arrived on time (right at the 10 business days mark) and in great condition! Are cards were sleeved and special conditions marked (VFs and Promos). Thanks!
snowflake3114: Thank you very much! Great selection, many cards in stock!
JLHBaker: Best place to buy cards from online. I have bought cards from this seller many times and have been pleased ever time i get the cards. Amazing condition, shipped within the time they have provided and are very friendly as well as willing to work with anyone
Naivos: Quick and well packaged as usual.
akorn63087: Order number 26. The good just keeps on keeping on.
Abbelorick: Thanks. Great service
Agnate: Received this shipment very quickly (4 business days to Canada)! Packaging was a bit roughed up from shipping, but all the cards were unharmed. No cards were missing, and White Lion Games even contacted me about a possible issue I would encounter at the b
The_Spirit: WLG shipped my package on July 3rd, and it got here on July 5th. Awesome! Thanks!
akorn63087: Order 27, great store. Another great experience
nerd4saie: Great Again! Thanks!
Albino_Bill: Thank you for the Great cards.
Karkain: As usual, 100% efficiency.
the_wenzel: all great! thanks a ton!
XavRem: Great seller, all items in pristine condition and well packaged. Very reasonable shipping time.
Ulric: Super Fast shipping! Great seller!
akorn63087: 28th order.great store
Big_Tookes: Thanks, ready for FNM!!!!
Macadosche: Always a professional transaction
Stalin828: Always provides a fair price when selling cards to them. I highly recommend this store!
Stalin828: One of the few stores that will increase the amount they pay you if the cards you are selling are in exceptional condition. They have also always had great customer service whether selling or buying.
The_Spirit: Ordered cards Tuesday, needed them by Friday, received them on Thursday. Always good doing business with WLG. Thanks again.
akorn63087: 29th order. Perfect
JimTilson: Excellent seller, a class act all the way! Super fast shipment (@2-3 days). Careful packaging. Would definitely buy from again. Forgot to mention numerous emails notifying status of order also. Kept me informed.
V500ESP: I love your assortment of cards new and old and your dependability. thank you for keeping prices low
the_wenzel: all great! thanks a ton!
PWBROWN: I never received this package. I don't know what to think. Please double check your inventory and sales to make sure that this was sent out. Please send me a word. It might be a lost in transit thing, and as I did not purchase insurance, that's my bag. I'm
Felix: I ordered a package on 7/14/2012 and have not received it as of 7/21/2012. My order number is 1342307286792. I am very upset that my package has not arrived yet AND the seller has failed to provide adequate tracking information for my package. I am also up
george2319: Always a pleasure to deal with WLG!
DraygnFyre: Cards were received by White Lion on Wednesday, July 18th but have still not been processed. Will update once status changes.
DraygnFyre: Payment received.
Malchar: A+ thanks for the quick service
prinsallan: Perfect!
Djondb: Cards recieved, all went well.
lextex: Perfect! Thx! :D
lextex: Thanks for yet another great transaction! :)) +++++++++++++
Malchar: A+ thanks for the speedy service
akorn63087: Great store
grzyb12: Cards were excellent quality. Great transaction. Thanks!
DraygnFyre: Payment Received.
emilioyoyo: All ok. Thanks
The_Spirit: Like a boss! Ordered on Wednesday, got cards on Friday right before the tournament. Thanks, WLG!
athunder13: very fast
JediScholar: Great cards as always!
Onsan: Fantastic as always.
Big_Tookes: Always a pleasure doing business with you.
The_Spirit: Another great transaction from WLG. Thanks!
Aeyn: Shipped to Sweden in about 1 week, nothing negative to remark.
Tekejerk: Cards arrived in 3 business days from order. All in great shape. Was unfortunately missing a card from the order but White Lion was great at working towards a solution. These guys have officially become my go to provider! Amazing service!
the_wenzel: All great! thanks a ton!
the_wenzel: All great! thanks a ton!
the_wenzel: All great! thanks a ton!!!!
Tekejerk: A perfect order and perfect experience. This is my second shipment from White Lion and this time no flaws, mint cards, and fast delivery. Got them in 4 days. Great experience.
WhiteKnight3: These cards were in truly mint condition.
donaldlee: Couldn't be happier with the price, speed, and cards. Will buy again.
TankLorry: Good selection, good prices. What's not to love?
bigblue12: I ordered some stuff from here before, and everything went well. White lion games is a pretty neat place. :D
Everythinggaming9999: can't say anything one way or the other. They never picked up my package. I am only out the cost of shipping 7.25. Contacted them and they didn't seem interested in investigating where the package was. I made a quick phone call and the package was located
AeroHawk: Great seller!!!
dafishwoovers: Thank you! Please send ASAP.
Zirilion: Accurate order + fast shipping + good prices = repeat customer. Will definitely do business with again.
Tauskie: Great Seller!
TankLorry: I made a mistake with my shipping address, and they were able to change it right away (on the weekend even). Cards came in good condition. Good prices and good selection. Definitely recommend.
modx: fast delivery
Gerbilstampede: Super speedy shipping. All items as advertised. A+
fungusking: Good cards
fungusking: Good foils
fungusking: Fast
cainracing: Thanks Guys!
ZenVol: Thanks, Looks forward to the order!
collector789: Thank you. I received the cards Saturday in great condition. The package fits the scheme cards perfectly!
brianwlane: One of the best sellers I have encountered on BidWicket. Prompt delivery, good selection and a really stellar customer service record. Highly recommended.
WINKY: impeccable
mharrs: Fast shipping, cards in stated condition. Great seller.
Chorster: Good Service
zarlucicil: perfect communication and fast payment, thanks!!
mehungary: All the cards arrived in great condition.
Ghrey: Great shipping, thank you for the store credit for the missing card.
fungusking: Good cards
silverspur1: Great cards and fast shipping.
jo3269: Cards delivered quickly and well protected
Dpc666: the shipping is really slow and im still waiting to get my card and the other stores i order from got to me 2 days after i ordered
TankLorry: Just the same as before, cards shipped quick and were in good shape. Good prices, good selection. Definitely recommend.
Karkain: The usual, fast shipping. Thanks!
akorn63087: Great store.
BrewCrew: Great selection. Fair prices and fair prices on Shipping. Delivery was fast and accurate. Pleasure doing business with this vendor, White Lion Games!!! I also want to tell you that there was a small issue with one of the cards. White Lion Games took it bac
george2319: Always a pleasure dealing with WLG's!
andrewbacon: Thank you for the transaction! If at all possible, could you ship the order to: Andrew Bacon / Continental Machines 5505 West 123rd Street Savage, MN 55378 I forgot to update the address in the purchase screen! Thank you so much for your help, as
Tauskie: Great!
jo3269: Quality transaction as usual.
P_E: A+
P_E: A+
Timo420: great service
xfranc: Fast shipping, great condition.. why do you want more? Thanks WLG!
collector789: Perfect! Thank you.
collector789: I did not realize I was getting chinese cards, but that is ok. Thank you!
Nat: Fast shipping, great customer service. Recommended.
norankshogun: Awesome cards!! A++
norankshogun: Awesome cards!! A++
jo3269: Prompt shipment after release of Return to Ravnica card set. Excellent packaging as usual.
Big_Tookes: Always a pleasure will be re-ordering soon and thanks!
syph424: Purchased cards were shipped quickly, excellently packed, and arrived in the advertised condition. Will gladly purchase from again.
lextex: Very fast and with quality! Thx!
Chorster: Purchased a large order and all arrived safely! great seller!
Tekejerk: Got what I ordered. Sadly I didn't notice one of my cards was in Italian (my fault not WLG's). But all cards arrived fast and in condition as advertise. As always, very happy with them. Recommend these guys over any other seller.
JcBizzy: I'd trust these people with my baby
msbrooklyn: good seller
Gravo: All cards were in great condition and arrived quickly. Thank you.
Cillarnen: I seriously cant say how much I love this company and their punctual way of doing their jobs.
the_wenzel: All great!
Ghrey: Hi White Lion Games, I got the full order at this point, and there seemed to be 4 foil Izzet Guildgate in the mix. I'm glad to have my order, thank you.
nvirus63116: Great doing business with this seller as always.
TheCobraDragon: perfect condition :)
TheCobraDragon: Was perfect :)
sh4d0ww3v4r: Came last Friday, Great condition and everything was perfect. No complaints. Kudos!
alucidzombie: Awesome seller. Gladly will do business again!
alucidzombie: Awesome seller. Gladly will do business again!
jo3269: Excellent service as is the norm.
collector789: As always, thank you. Perfect!
nerd4saie: Always a pleasure!
nerd4saie: Always a pleasure!
mharrs: Shipped quickly, cards in good condition.
nickybaby: Thanks for the quick shipping... much appreciated!
demonio69: perfect all but the tundra is VG no VF
neond1984: Great item, great price, fast ship!! Ideal Seller!! Thanks for a pleasant sale!!
MICHAELBRYANTUS: Prompt Shipment Greater Seller
kossboss: Shipping was 2 weeks later than every other purchase on the site, but could have just been customs.
lextex: Super-service! :-)
MagnaTor: Great Seller!
Albino_Bill: Hi; Thanks for the great cards, and the customer service was very helpful to me also when I called about my order. Thank you Bill
1forever: hi all tried to email you not sure if you are getting the msg. sounds good to put the order through. awesome service!!
jordandragon23: good... nice and fast
george2319: Always a pleasure to deal with!
SamLL: Extremely fast turnaround of a large order. Accidentally sent me 3 Zealous Conscripts instead of 3 Zealous Strike - worth $5 instead of $0.06. I informed them, they said to just keep 'em and thanks for the info. I continue to be impressed with their custom
Honda_guy: Perfect thanks!
Honda_guy: Perfect thanks!
Honda_guy: Perfect thanks!
Honda_guy: Perfect thanks!
Honda_guy: Perfect thanks!
akorn63087: Great store
xtristanx: Arrived very fast!
jordandragon23: On the ball with the ordering speed as to shipping after ordering and getting to me very quickly
cainracing: Thank You!
greyninja: great store.
mtgcards_be: OK
Vasas: Package received today, all is in order. Very happy with purchase as well as service received. Thank-you from Canada!
Otis: Cards were here in great condition and got here quickly.
mikikodactyl: Recieved the cards in excellent shape and promptly. Thank you!
talltree: great seller!
drlimpet: brilliant, buying from again soon!
Blackdragn: Finally came. The shipping was slow but i'll blame that on the shipping company. They did mess up on the card sleeve sending me dragon shield instead of ultra pro but that actually gave me more card sleeves so whatever
LaGaffe: Good service, but international very expensive shipping compared with others.
KMcCammack: Great card store, very satisfied with the card selection, card quality, prices, and shipping time. Will do business again in the future.
KMcCammack: Great card store, very satisfied with the card selection, card quality, prices, and shipping time. Will do business again in the future.
mharrs: Shipped quickly and in stated condition.
ebbster: great seller, always a pleasure doing business!
mikikodactyl: Everything was in the condition advertised and I received my order promptly. Thanks!
talltree: great seller. Will repeat
talltree: Good seller
drlimpet: great transaction again. we are regular customers now.
drlimpet: always great. very professional/respectable with buybacks/trades
nvirus63116: Great to buy from as always
collector789: Perfect, as always. Thank you!
Anthologist: Excellent speed and product price.
Anthologist: Excellent speed and product price.
Anthologist: Excellent speed and product price.
jkvc: Got a error message on this site regarding PayPal failure. Please advise if payment did not go through.
garensbobarens: Always buying fro these guys!
noodlehead818: THANK YOU!!!
Alain: hello Apologize for my poor level in english. I don't understand on my order, because i never wanted to sell any card, only to buy someones. It's my mistake. cood you retire it and an other card in my list to ajust the payment. Let the cash on my a
drlimpet: wonderful as always
benpaulsen86: Very fast shipping! Resolved issues when needed! Definitely purchase from in future!!
Zelytic: Everything was as listed.
jjcam: They gave it the wrong shipping, took over 1 month to get to me. Did refund me the shipping and gave me a 10$ in store coupon. At least they did something. And sold me cards that they didnt have, i did get a refund for those as well. They also gave me free
norankshogun: Awesome cards!! A++
lextex: Great seller! No problems what so ever, and if needed they have excellent support and communication! 5-star rating with ++++!
tharizdun: Fast and Safe!
JTeel0629: Very fast shipment, really impressed, would definitely buy from again
modx: good
sephacor: Great seller and fast shipper
bashums: As usual...very fast shipping and cards as described. My go-to magic card company. Thanks.
Karkain: Usual excellence!
george2319: Did not recieve the tree of tales in the order! Otherwise always extremely happy with WLG in all aspects
neond1984: Great item, great price, fast ship!! Ideal Seller!! Thanks for a pleasant sale!!
a_dog: I'm glad we came to an agreement. I would gladly sell your store more cards.
nvirus63116: great transaction as always
compeck1: Please ship to 90 knollwood street Springfield, ma 01104 Any questions please contact me at 1-413-388-3766
noodlehead818: Great options for a great price.
Colt13: Items arrived more quickly than I had expected, and were in excellent condition.
hunterxy: Some super fast shipping. Ordered on 1/8/13 and got them on 1/10/13. All cards accounted for and packed nice and tight; no damage to anything. I did recieve 4x Wasp Lancer in Italian language but I think that was my fault for not reading carefully, stil
akorn63087: Great store
george2319: Fantastic deal thank you!
george2319: Thanks as always WLG's!
drlimpet: one of many great ones
drlimpet: thanks again
bashums: Always use these guys because the package comes 2 days after the order is processed. This time, something happened and the package never got to me. They apologized and sent me the cards again (had insurance) at no cost to me and threw in a RtR pack for me
Chorster: Very Nicely Packaged and Shipped Promptly
lextex: Great service as always!!!
DragoMTG: Great service and fast shipment. Thanks
Rockmanneo12: Thanks for the quick order and good quality products!
JcBizzy: I LOVE THESE GUYS 10/10 Thanks White Lion Games, can't wait for my next order.
JcBizzy: White Lion, again... for everything MTG. Thanks again you guys, - J
sephacor: Great seller and fast shipper
Timo420: service was fine
bilbo71070: fast shipping
KubeeCzech: Fast and well, thakns.
HijodelQuixote: Please note the shipping address is 121 River Street 14 floor Attn Daniel Nachajon Hoboken NJ 07030
hex: 10/10
BKidd87: Super Fast Shipping. I will buy from again. Recommended.
BKidd87: Super Fast Shipping. I will buy from again. Recommended.
Juto00: Fast Shipment A++
george2319: All good as always with WLG!
george2319: All good as always with WLG!
Cillarnen: Awesome as always, I was a little disappointed for one reason though. I ordered a "very fine" condition Sliver Queen and it came to me with the artist signature, I would have preferred that it were not written on, and had I known, would have ordered a diff
BKidd87: Great Cards and Fast Shipping. Awesome!
Stalin828: As always, a great seller!
Stalin828: Awesome like always!
Juto00: Fast shipment A++
Ulashtlove: Everything came a lot more quickly than I expected. It was all packaged nicely. Overall I am really please!!
Karkain: Nothing short of excellence.
negatron: Great seller! Fast shipping and good communication!
bilbo71070: perfect
Wasianmaster: Shipping felt like it took a day longer than it should have but the cards arrived just fine and nicely packaged so no worries.
yosifkit: Great seller.
mavslegacy: Came quickly in the mail with everything included. The best prices for individual cards all around! Will defiantly buy from again!
Helheimr: Received incorrect card in a huge order (Markov Warlord instead of Blademaster) but still great cards and amazing shipping. Great customer support as well!
Ulric: Super fast shipping! Awesome seller!
AntFarm: Excellent seller. Great price. Well packaging. No complaints. Highly recommended.
lextex: Super-duper!! :-D
BKidd87: Graet as Always.
sigismond: Bonjour J'ai bien tout re?u et le service fu rapide et propre A+
athunder13: sry guys the paypal acct in
BKidd87: Thanks for the great cards Fast Shipping.
BKidd87: Thanks for the great cards Fast Shipping.
Clear_Dead: Got the cards. Good condition. Will order from you again. Thanks.
Max: Thanks for the cards
Max: Thanks for the cards
Max: Thanks for the cards
Max: Thanks for the cards
akorn63087: Always a great store
Gravo: Cards arrived promptly and in the condition specified.
Clear_Dead: Thank you again for sending the cards.
Max: thanks for the cards
csuxv: Amazing service
RockClimbnFool: Always reliable - thanks!
BKidd87: Fast and Excellent!
Novalius: Very fast shipping, great quality cards. Thank you!
Novalius: Very fast shipping, great quality cards. Thank you!
Colt13: Arrived quickly and exactly as described. Very pleased with White Lion Games once again!
Juto00: Fast shipment
mtgsean: very fast shipping and high quality of cards. Thank you!
acollins0211: Ship to: Aaron Collins 2757 Thackeray ave nw Massillion, Oh 44646 330-546-2747
MarkMYoung: Good packaging, fast shipping.
demonio69: oh my god, finally came. very slow this time... :(
Marty5: Great seller fast shipping
Rospy: White Lion did buy all my cards, but they offered slighty over half the originally listed buylist price alleging that my cards were in less than mint condition. I'm not an expert on card condition, but most of my cards lived in plastic all their lives ...
BKidd87: Perfect Again
collector789: Thanks for that superb looking tundra. Very fine looks near mint. Thank you.
kael_ironfeld: Awesome as always. Will keep comming back to you folks for all the amazing work you do for me. Thanks for all you do.
richyandrew: excellent prices on the cards! came super fast in the mail!
Albino_Bill: thanks for the cool cards, and the fast delivery time.
Marty5: Good seller fast shipping
mailingmarius: Please add 2x Magic the Gathering - Shadowmoor - Spiteful Visions Very Fine Normal English $0.69. Charge same card. regards, Marius Presterud Order: #USO-1364172550793-GBMHRMVKA Placed on: 25/MAR/2013 Shippable on: 25/MAR/2013
norankshogun: Awesome cards!! A++
The_Spirit: Everything went smoothly! Another great transaction from WLG.
akorn63087: Awesome store
akorn63087: Great store to buy from
collector789: Thank you! Very fast and accurate!
Deeds: Well done as always!
akorn63087: Great store always buy from them
dracogeist612: Excellent seller Great business
dracogeist612: Great seller top notch service
dracogeist612: Great seller great service
dracogeist612: Great seller Great service
yosifkit: Good seller.
Novalius: Fast shipping, good quality cards. Thank you!
stiglitz: Good Deal!
brothervm: Lightning fast shipping. Thanks!
tharizdun: Good cards fast.
Lavie: Fast shipping! Great
brotherhumble: I called them to make sure my cards had reached them (tracking said it did but I just wanted to make sure),a guy in the store told me he wasn't sure and took down my information and said they would get back to me the next day. Three days later I had to cal
Ulashtlove: Great!
Hambabam: great seller
Addicted33: Sellers prices were fair and they shipped fast, but there is no way to track your order.
escreecho: Good communication, good seller
JopeX37: Cards arrived promptly and in listed condition. Would do business again.
norankshogun: Awesome cards!! A++
DeckWisher: They missed some cards in my order but got them to me a week later.
polyatailer: great quick shipping and cards as requested
Novalius: Great quality cards and fast shipping as always. Thank you!
nathanebailey: Great Cards
dionesotesrex: Quick arrival, thanks!
StMickyx: fast shipping, cards as promised. A++ all the way.
Babahere: Great Seller
daikuba: awesome
Tekejerk: Have never had a bad experience. Always a pleasure, thank you.
dwood12: Good quality, fast shipping!
dwood12: Good quality, fast shipping!
george2319: Thank you as always!
ejgraile: Great seller! Super fast shipping! A++++
sephacor: Great seller and fast shipper
BKidd87: Thanks for the great cards
BKidd87: Fast Shipping Great Cards
mehungary: I got it all
ThisGuySparky: The card is in great condition and arrived very quickly. Thank you!
cjohnson72: A incorrect delivery was sent to me back in May. I received Order Number #1368623805250, which should have been delivered to Christopher Mortenson 714 Souther Ct. Crestview FL. 32539. This was not what I ordered. I still have not received this order
SamLL: Fast, efficient, good customer service; missed one card from my very large and diverse order and promptly shipped the missing card when notified. I expect to order from this store again.
george2319: Always a pleasue
SCHROEDER1176: Fast delivery, all cards were in great condition.
dajaperk: I sent the cards and the buyer says they have not received them.
andmac1950: OK!
andmac1950: OK!
andmac1950: OK!
nvirus63116: Great to deal with as always!
haymaker18: great
firebringer: Excellent in all respects!!! Highly recommend!!!
firebringer: Excellent in all respects!!! Highly recommend!!!
Synbios16: Worked to resolve an issue and everything turned out great.
Blueshift47: Very fast shipping and accurate order
nerd4saie: Always a pleasure
norankshogun: Awesome cards!! A++
mvarrette: Great!
akorn63087: I had a lot of trouble trying to redeem a store credit on their website but it's a great store and I still shop with them.
seanroyce: Thank you! Super fast and everything as described.
ikyowiniarski: please send this as soon as possible!!!!
Amaru96: Great Seller! Every single time =]
mehungary: A+
Mjesau: Completely satisfied.
Sythlin: Great!
tharizdun: Items arrive fast and safe
tharizdun: Items arrive fast and safe
tharizdun: Items arrive fast and safe
tharizdun: Seller mis-shipped, but corrected the error and was very cool about it. A+++
Woelke: extra helpful when i messed up my order. one of the best sellers.
a_dog: As always with WLG, no mistakes and speedy service! Thanks!
Walzy_Shell: this order is a gift. Please mail out soon.
Tekejerk: Got what I ordered. Always a pleasure
Tekejerk: I'm used to White Lion getting orders out faster. I'll leave this neutral for now to be updated later. All my past experiences have been same or next day shipped. This one seems to be taking longer for some reason. May have to switch some stuff to negative
Proletarian: Always a pleasure to buy from white lion games
skamunism: Thanks!
Purikuri88: did not receive a tracking id for the package even though i payed for it. Late with package, not answering mail when I contact them. If they aren't answering soon ill have to report them to PayPal and ask for a refund.
cjohnson72: Order received in good time and good shape
cjohnson72: Order received in good time and good shape
LNicholson: Although they forgot my order at first, this was cleared up and I received all my items in good condition.
sephacor: great seller, fast shipper, good communication
splattsell: party foul man!! hey soo excited when i got my box today only not my cards some other guys stuff kinda bummed sure he is too! i can see the 2 orders are probly same size they probly got switched or somthing please lemme know if I can still return them make
akorn63087: Awesome store. Always a pleasure
Albino_Bill: thanks for the cards
LNicholson: All cards accounted for. Smooth transaction.
athunder13: when i called owner he got the job done fast
onslt69: Great seller with fast shipping.
cjmagic: Thankyou
cjmagic: Thankyou
cjmagic: Thankyou
cjmagic: Thankyou
cjmagic: Thankyou
cjmagic: Thankyou
cjmagic: Thankyou
cjmagic: Thankyou
george2319: Awesome thank you
maxx1327: Overall rating 4/5. First card ordered was NM listing and came as such. The second one had visible white wear damage on the top and should have been listed as SP/LP. If you play MTG, not a problem, if you collect you might want to watch it. Cards cam
bashums: Fast and As described as usual. Thanks.
Elricity: Great
bashums: Fast Shipping. Items mostly as described. Good seller. Will buy from again.
jeremysmith: Items arrived promptly and in perfect condition. Thank you very much!
demonio69: the next cards is missing in the order: 2 Magic the Gathering - Guildpact - Orzhov Pontiff Near Mint Normal English 0.44 0.88 1 Orzhov Pontiff is missing. 1 Magic the Gathering - Innistrad - Stony Silence Near Mint Foil English 1.85 1.85
sesu: All cards arrived in excellent condition. Very happy.
Elricity: Cards came in great
Karkain: Excellence, as usual.
akorn63087: Great store. Always a pleasure
sesu: Arrived in a timely manner, in excellent condition. Very pleased with the purchase.
a_dog: Despite some issues with the length of time and extenuating circumstances during the busy holiday season WLG came though with this order! They even compensated me for my inconvenience! WLG's record is sterling as far as I am concerned. Thanks!
DarcoValrey: Perfect!!! Thx
sageaqua: When are my 2 order's going to be sent?
Marstonmoor: Fast shipping. Cards' condition as described.
raubtier: It took a bit, but the cards are in good shape and I'm happy with that. Shipping could be cheaper though.
Max: thanks for the cards
Max: thanks for the cards
Karkain: Excellence as usual.
cjmagic: Thankyou :)
joeg200: Got everything looks great thanks
cjmagic: Thankyou :)
onkman: Was missing one Item
Jesster: Comment
tharizdun: Fastest they've ever shipped - just a few days. Very happy!
threadsz: Thx fast shipping
JopeX37: Cards for here quickly and in states condition. White Lion is great.
sydney32: Hi, I still havent received the order, is there any way to track it? It's been 3 weeks already!
joeg200: got it thanks
Novalius: Fast shipping, good quality cards. Thank you.
demonio69: 4 Magic the Gathering - Zendikar - Angel (Token) Near Mint Normal English 0.19 0.76 u sent 1
Jimmygt07: Very fast shipping, good deal, and cards were definitely NM! Thanks!
george2319: Got the items after glitch in system was identified.
halfelf25: Thank you!
a_dog: quick and accurate service as always. thanks WLG.
Patte: This is not a feedback but i noticed the adress messed up with my letters because of my swedish language and im new to this site so i don't know where to write this except for here, heres the adress corrected to english Skoldstavagen 30A Alvesta, Smaland
Alain: Except problem with paypal system, all is excellent.
Juto00: Fast shipment
DangerGamer717: Thanks a ton for the cards! Awesome condition, and received it quick.
azra69: A bit slow but ok Thanks
deadad: Mint cards!! Good Seller! Hope deal with you again!
Subjazz_Auctions: Sent a message stating that the Kabira Vindicator foil was unavailable and gave me $1.50 credit - which was fair. When package arrived, it was actually the 2x Artisan of Kozilek foils that were missing (over $5.00 in value) They have not replied to calls
Defectee: Arrived quickly and as described! A+
Defectee: Arrived quickly and as described! A+
Defectee: Arrived quickly and as described! A+
Tauskie: These guys are great!
Tauskie: Great Seller!
Tauskie: Great Thanks! A+
Tauskie: Great! Thanks guys!
HalilPasa: Everything great!
Max: thanks for the cards
zarlucicil: If I've said other stores were the best in the past, I was wrong; this store is surely the best one. You can feel 100% safe sending your cards to them and for them to quote you fair market prices; qualities that can indeed be hard to find in the mtg second
Monk: Perfect cards just as described. Will recommend to others.
Vorel: Excellent Service Nice Packaging
Yaks: Fast shipping, cards were in condition described. Good experience, would order from again.
JopeX37: Items came quickly and in described condition.
oldman: A pleasure doing business
ChefLeBoef: Not all cards were NM
gman1211: Received product as ordered.
bags: ermm in my order i put the street name but not my specific address which is 19794. I apologize and hopefully this can be fixed as im assuming you needed that for the order as well
oldman: pleasure doing business
lextex: Ok, but a few (25) of the 300+ cards were only EX, not NM
Marstonmoor: Great prices & fast shipping.
GameSetMagic: Thanks !!
glamp: Fast Shipping and the Cards were all as described.....White Lion Games is the best seller on bidwicket!
JTeel0629: Great transaction, will do business with again
Novalius: Very fast shipping. Thank you!
Coopes: A+ service thanks
ravidell: Contacted about receiving wrong items, and never replied. NOT HAPPY
TheFreeSin: Cards arrived quickly and issues experienced were quickly resolved not requiring much of my personal time! Thanks
Eurotrash: a pleasure as usual. :)
JTeel0629: great transaction, gladly do business with again
Max: thanks for the cards
Hambabam: reliable
RRViper: Incredibly disappointing. Took 6 weeks after cards were delivered to even be looked at, another 2 weeks to be paid. Zero replies after numerous phone calls and e-mails for updates. They may be great sellers, but their buying of cards needs some work.
JTeel0629: good, fast transaction
JTeel0629: great fast transaction
nvirus63116: Great seller!
BlackDeath: Very good transaction.
a_dog: lavalanche had a sharpie signature on it. not what i would call fine condition. otherwise great service as always
andmac1950: OK!
andmac1950: OK!
BlackDeath: fast shipping and good communication
Juto00: Fast shipment A++
logan6806: Always great service. Never let me down. I'll always return for more.
logan6806: Always great service. Never let me down. I'll always return for more.
a_dog: Fast and accurate
hellmarine: Cards came in excellent condition, fast shipping.
hellmarine: Fast shipping
gman1211: Received product as ordered.
nerd4saie: Great as always!
prinsallan: Perfect!
grzyb12: Cards were excellent quality. Great transaction. Thanks!
hellmarine: Fast shipping A++
hellmarine: Fast shipping. A++
mtgsean: Thank you very much!
KMcCammack: Great selection, great prices, great service. Couldn't ask for more.
mailingmarius: Hi there, I forgot to add a Sever Nemesis (Commander- Near Mint Normal English) to my order. I should cost about 4.99$ Could you please add this to my order and charge my card? Thank you, and sorry about the hazzle. Best wishes, Marius Prester
hellmarine: A++ service
JTeel0629: Had some communications problems, once that was cleared up transaction completed pretty quickly, will shop with them again. Usually problem free transaction.
dleblanc: Arrived super fast, very satisfied
rwsumrall: Good stuff!
JTeel0629: Easy smooth fast transaction
DracoLord: items were as described.
DracoLord: items were as described.
mailingmarius: Hi there, regarding my order 1406975128008, or 1405724002162, or 1405703295460 for that matter, If you havent shipped it yet, could you add a Crawlspace from Commander 2013 Edition? Then bill me in some way or add it to my card. best, Marius P
Big_Tookes: Thanks cards did arrived as promised.
hellmarine: A++ Service
kostobolja: Great quality, fast shipping thanks!
ian01: items as described
Moonknight8: good
aesercos: Wrong language. Attempted to contact seller, but received no response.
ouini: Quick and well-packaged.
lextex: ok :-)
decimal1969: Items arrived quickly and on time.
xdengy: Hi can you change the shipping name from Shaomin Deng to: Robert Deng Also, could you help me build my urza saga cube by throwing in some urza saga forests?
ouini: Often the most inexpensive, and timely accurate shipping. The only gripe is, sometimes the shopping cart clears itself or is inaccurate when I switch computers or clear cookies. But overall, great.
nvirus63116: Items arrived quickly and in great shape. Thanks!
ERPIWI: all ok
RavenXtreme: Received my shipment in timely fashion and all cards are accounted for and in great quality. You guys do great business! Definitely buying again!
jjdrew99: Contacted seller via provided e-mail asking seller to ship to an alternate address since I no longer live there. Seller still shipped to the wrong address.
nvirus63116: Items arrived quickly and in great shape. Thank you!
BadL0G1K: Missing card in the order (a suddenly popular one, go figure), contacted them 2 times (once through their website, once through email), no answer after 5 days. Very slow to ship, no communication. Proceed at your own risk.
Colonel_Coo: It is now October 3rd. White Lion Games sent notification of receipt of my sold cards on September 25th. I have sent email to WLGames to determine why there is a delay. Delays now to October 7th.
Eurotrash: thank you!!
nvirus63116: Ordered on Friday and received on Monday. Great prices, fast shipping, and great packaging. One of the best merchants you can go with. Pleasure to do business with them.
mtcreations: 5 weeks now, several calls and emails to white lion, and all I get is runaround (and even yelled at by customer service). I asked for my money or my cards back, and no one seems able to produce either. I even asked bidwicket to intervene, and they di
Dipterans: Fast shipping! Thanks
richardv: hi all.. the tracking # for this order is 9114 9999 4423 8152 8695 66.. Thanx Chris...and rob/Justin...have more soon
ouini: Quick and accurate. Didn't learn it earlier, but to save shipping costs, 200 cards is the maximum number shipped at the lowest shipping cost.
rwsumrall: Thanks!
HKPanda: Great seller!
mtprezzy: Two e-mails sent, $70 worth of cards sent to business. No payment, no replies. Over a month now.
kostobolja: Great quality and fast shipping!
mehungary: A+++
goop: Awesome seller, items were in great condition!
goop: Awesome seller, items were in great condition!
MagnaTor: Great Seller!
MagnaTor: Great Seller!
ERPIWI: all ok
Tourach: perfect, thank you
invaderfinch: Kind of super warped but ok otherwise
BlackDeath: Never received this order. I thought it would be six weeks and gave it a bit more before I gave the feedback. This is my first negative feedback in seven years. Sorry
ParadoxLiving: Excellent quality. Highly reccommended.
yertandus: fast and correct as usual
firemed750: White Lion continues to impress me with every order with their huge selection, fair prices, quick shipping, and great customer service!!! Thank you, White Lion!!!
Jesster: Excellent service, as always.
andmac1950: OK!
andmac1950: OK!
Max: thanks for the cards
Max: thanks for the cards
Dipterans: A+ Seller
Dipterans: this order took far too long to ship
ouini: Quick and accurate, as usual.
invaderfinch: Missing a card in the order, emailed them twice and got no response either time.
Subjazz_Auctions: All items arrived as ordered from invoice. Thanks
MagnaTor: Great Seller!
The_Spirit: Everything as expected! Thanks!
mayor: Thank you for making things right with the order!
Dagnir: Will definitely order again.
rwsumrall: Great!
MasterRen: Did not send 2 cards. Sent several emails but did not receive any response indicating that they would fulfill the order. I called and they said that they would either send the cards or refund the cost of those cards. They did neither.
kossboss: +++++++
demonio69: slow shipping
firemed750: Helpful customer service, good quality, and great prices are why I always shop White Lion first for my Magic The Gathering singles!!! Thank you!!!
Kimimaro313: Order was lost,seller made up for it by sending expensive playma and sleeves :)
Max: Have constantly tried to contact the store but no available. Tried to contact Bidwicket but no available.
nvirus63116: Order received quickly and in great shape. Thanks!
nvirus63116: Order received quickly and in great shape. Thanks!
jgrasby: I've not been shipped these cards yet, after a week of waiting. I had successfully completed a previous order and was very pleased with the shipping time, but I have tried to contact this seller through email and haven't heard anything.
nylarotep: Items received thanks.
jeremysmith: Item arrived promptly and in perfect condition. Thank you very much!
sunglee87: Fast Shipping, Cards in great condition! Thanks!
sunglee87: Very accurate on most of order except missing: Profit / Loss Near Mint Normal English I needed it for a cube so I'd have to get it from elsewhere ... :( I'll still post positive review for your troubles.
sunglee87: Thanks for the fast shipping and accurate order!
sunglee87: Fast and accurate order! Thanks for the special request with profit/loss!
kesler1188: When ordering from Crimson Hobbies I tried to pay three times with my card being rejected each time. I checked and rechecked my info and it was all correct. Finally, after emailing the store owner he fixed the error and I was able to pay for my cards. Afte
DangRoss: Combined shipping for my two orders, which was nice, but still charged my 2 separate fees for shipping. 2 out of the 4 cards were closer to LP condition than NM.
DangRoss: Combined shipping for my two orders, which was nice, but still charged my 2 separate fees for shipping. 1 of the Goryo's Veng. was closer to LP than NM condition. Cards were not packaged well enough in my opinion.
Destroyer51: A+ Thanks!
sunglee87: fast and accurate order as always!
odendin: Got it all. Happy with my order. Would shop again.
haymaker18: great
haymaker18: great
haymaker18: great
wibble79: Fast shipping, cards in great condition (as described). Thank you.
Burbly: Great to work with!
sunglee87: good condition cards
Honda_guy: Thank you!
MagnaTor: Great Seller!
sunglee87: fast and accurate shipping!
haymaker18: good
primo: 6 card is taken out of my order, but the accounts are in it. The envelope included $ 160 value, but the value is only $ 41.02. It was dutiable $ 160 after. More than the duty paid value package. Maybe I get back in 3 months.If I fill out the appropriate
jeremysmith: Item arrived promptly and in perfect condition. Thank you very much!
nsccss: ++
sunglee87: fast and accurate order as always! Great condition cards too!
jwu816: Had some shipping problems, but seller handled it professionally. Would buy from again.
scorp_poison: It has been almost a year since I sent my cards in, I have sent several e-mails and they all come back inbox full. They have not given me money or my cards back, I strongly suggest not trading with them.
yertandus: Prompt and accurate. Will repeat business.
firemind: Cards received as described and prices were very reasonable. Only complaint is communication. I had an issue with my payment processing and, although the issue was resolved, I had to initiate communication with the seller each time if I wanted an update on
sunglee87: fast and accurate shipping! good conditions!
sunglee87: fast and accurate shipping! good conditions!
sunglee87: fast and accurate order!
sunglee87: fast and accurate order!
sunglee87: fast and accurate order!
jeremysmith: Item arrived promptly and in perfect condition. Thank you very much!
jeremysmith: Item arrived promptly and in perfect condition. Thank you very much!
migu247: The Item has not arrived.
sunglee87: fast shipping and great condition cards! Thanks!
CHiCHi: A++ transaction ! Tks
Peter: Love you guys! Fast and accurate!
HaroxHaro: Order came in at two weeks which is fine since I live in Canada. Cards came in the condition I would expect. This would be a positive feedback if shipping was not so expensive. I would suggest having a threshold where you would get shipping at a discoun
sunglee87: Fast shipping and cards in great condition. Thanks!!
the_jim: Fantastic! Even better than advertised. Very pleased.
the_jim: Great stuff, fast shipping. Very pleased
ChaoticOrder: Cards did not arrive in the correct condition, will update feedback if something is done to rectify the situation
accessmydata: Been waiting a year to get paid.
jeremysmith: Item arrived promptly and in perfect condition. Thank you very much!
jeremysmith: Item arrived promptly and in perfect condition. Thank you very much!
firemind: Great prices, smooth transaction, thanks!
jeremysmith: Item arrived promptly and in perfect condition. Thank you very much!
silvermagi: Great
silvermagi: Great
silvermagi: Great
ouini: Exact order shipped promptly
haymaker18: Great
silvermagi: Received them fine thanks
Engel7: Fast shipping and perfect condition, thanks!
Jory: Great!
Jory: Excellent
haymaker18: great
haymaker18: great
haymaker18: great
silvermagi: Good
silvermagi: Great
jeremysmith: Item arrived promptly and in perfect condition. Thank you very much!
haymaker18: terrific
silvermagi: Stunning
silvermagi: great
Dewar: Took literally a month and some change before I got my cards. In fine condition, but other vendors get it to you in a couple days sometimes.
haymaker18: terrific
dionesotesrex: Great!
Serentropic: Some order errors and long shipping wait, but errors were corrected by seller. Crimson Hobbies still has best prices for pauper.
jwu816: seller refunded me on your mistake. A+. Professional
Subjazz_Auctions: Enjoy to buy cards from but the shipping is a bit steep for Canadian orders
haymaker18: great!!
silvermagi: great
silvermagi: great
haymaker18: Great
Patken: You get what you order
silvermagi: Came as expected, but a little concerned about not being in a top loader or hard material. It was just cards in a baggy in a padded envelope.
silvermagi: good
BearMasterUltimatum: A slight delay on receiving the package due to the parcel getting slightly torn and USPS sending it back, but they were very helpful in determining the location of my package and even gave me a bit of a price reduction due to the delay. Always a great expe
SevenFX: Great seller, fast shipping (accurately described).
SevenFX: Great seller, fast shipping (accurately described).
SevenFX: Great seller, fast shipping (accurately described).
SevenFX: Great seller, fast shipping (accurately described).
SevenFX: They couldn't find a card from the order and issued me a partial refund for the missing card plus shipping. They added the other cards from this order to another order I had made around the same time. This worked out perfectly (since the cards in this orde
Serentropic: Fast and accurate.
Serentropic: Took a very long time to ship and was missing a card again, but even accounting for this, the prices are hard to pass up.
nylarotep: Items received thanks.
nylarotep: Items received thanks.
nylarotep: Items received thanks.
silvermagi: great
silvermagi: thanks
Serentropic: Fastest order I've received from Crimson, and everything is spot on. Pleased!
jeremysmith: Item arrived promptly and in perfect condition. Thank you very much!
luckysaint: Got it all except the Magic the Gathering - Innistrad - Endless Ranks of the Dead Very Fine Normal English which i think i got that refund for. thanks.
silvermagi: good
silvermagi: great
silvermagi: great
Jesstertwo: Excellent, as always.
ChaoticOrder: Cancelled order, avoid!
JopeX37: They didn't send me the Ancestral Vision I ordered. I have had an issue with them before, and would not recommend using them.
silvermagi: great
silvermagi: The description said chinese, but I got english?
silvermagi: thanks
sunglee87: Very fast shipping!! Thank you!!
the_wenzel: A+ very honorable seller! Hope to deal with again!
nylarotep: Items received thanks
the_wenzel: a+
the_wenzel: super honorable seller!
silvermagi: thanks
the_wenzel: A+
andmac1950: OK!
n25: Received the cards in a reasonable amount of time, responsive through Facebook.
petroliereq8: PErfect
silvermagi: Thanks
Max: thanks for the cards
Max: Item didn't arrive but had complications with USPS. Seller decided to give me store credit.
jeremysmith: Item arrived promptly and in perfect condition. Thank you very much!
Hurricane: Everthing was perfect!
Honda_guy: Great seller!! Thanks!!
CHiCHi: Excellent transaction !
Max: Thanks for the cards
Max: Thanks for the cards
smartplaya524: Did not ship
smartplaya524: did not get it
Subjazz_Auctions: smooth transaction
xlr8tz: Crimson Hobbies is legit! Order with confidence. Any order issues they will correct to the best of their ability. Thank you.
nylarotep: Claimed order was returned to sender, even though I have received several orders from this seller before. Ignored my emails, and took several months to send me one of the copies I ordered, and I am still waiting on the second copy. Lost my business forever
smartplaya524: not very good at all
MagnaTor: Great Seller!
Longo: Got the cards, took a lot longer than expected.
norankshogun: A++++
norankshogun: A++++
norankshogun: A++++
norankshogun: A+++++
Zapdos123: Foils were in fact NM, as ordered, but the Chinese basics were lightly played, at best. Nothing is more off-putting that cards labeled NM that have rough edges with white marks. The one card I ordered that wasn't NM was in much better shape that the basics
carlospepe: the shipping not arrived and the seller doesn't respond the email
nylarotep: Items received thanks.
Subjazz_Auctions: Wonderful condition and thanks!
norankshogun: A++++
norankshogun: A+++++
MrAngry: Order never arrived. Tried numerous times & ways to contact seller to get shipping details and got voicemails and no reply?s to my emails. I will never purchase from this seller again and would advise you to do the same.
Alternate: High quality and fast
Alternate: High quality and fast
Alternate: Fast shipping
Winterheartz: Has been a week and still hasent shipped? Have sent multiple emails no response
DJaramillo: While delayed, it still showed up as expected and service to ask about it happened same day well past business hours.
Subjazz_Auctions: Items were received - thank you
Subjazz_Auctions: This order arrived safely - thank you
Subjazz_Auctions: All cards arrived safely
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