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Player's Handbook Heroes Series 2
Popular Items
ImageName Low $Mid $High $
Female Human Cleric #007 (C) - Popularity 1
ImageName Low $Mid $High $
Astral Wind #C001 (C)
Clawfoot Berserker Rage #C002 (C)
Clever Strike #C003 (C)
Close the Gap #C004 (C)
Dragon's Tenacity #C006 (C)
Female Elf Fighter #011 (C)
Female Human Avenger #004 (C)
Female Human Barbarian #016 (C)
Female Human Cleric #007 (C)
Female Human Warlord #013 (C)
Female Human Wizard #001 (C)
Flare of Divine Vengeance #C007 (C)
Focused Fury #C008 (C)
Forbidding Strike #C009 (C)
Frenzied Beast Rage #C005 (C)
Frostwind Blade #C010 (C)
Healing Circle #C011 (C)
Inevitable Wave #C012 (C)
Invigorating Assault #C013 (C)
Leaf Wall #C014 (C)
Male Dragonborn Warlord #010 (C)
Male Genasi Paladin #008 (C)
Male Gnome Rogue #012 (C)
Male Halfling Barbarian #018 (C)
Male Human Druid #017 (C)
Male Human Invoker #009 (C)
Male Human Paladin #006 (C)
Male Human Swordmage #003 (C)
Male Shifter Ranger #014 (C)
Male Tiefling Fighter #015 (C)
Phalanx Leader #C015 (C)
Refocus #C016 (C)
Shield of Blades #C017 (C)
Unbalancing Force #C018 (C)
Warforged Artficer #002 (C)
Warforged Cleric #005 (C)
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