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Magtheridon Raid Deck
ImageName Low $Mid $High $
A'dals Signet of Defense #008 (R)
Aegis of the Vindicator #001 (R)
Band of the Crimson Fury #009 (R)
Cloak of the Pit Stalker #002 (R)
Crystalheart Pulse-Staff #018 (R)
Eradar Wand of Obliteration #019 (R)
Eye of the Megtheridon #010 (R)
Girdle of the Endless Pit #003 (R)
Glaive of the Pit #020 (R)
Heavy Netherweave Bandage #011 (R)
Karaborian Talisman #012 (R)
Liars Tongue Gloves #004 (R)
Naaru Lightwardens Band #013 (R)
Phoenix Fire Band #014 (R)
Ring of the Recalcitrant #015 (R)
Soul-Eaters Handwraps #005 (R)
Super Mana Potion #016 (R)
Superior Mana Oil #017 (R)
Terror Pit Girdle #006 (R)
Thundering Greathelm #007 (R)
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