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Magic the Gathering

About Us

Empire Game Center physical store is located at 164 Cherry St, Kent OH 44240.
Our web store and physical store are completely separate entities - Cards on the website are not guaranteed to be in store. Website pricing is not guaranteed in store either.

Please read our FAQ page before contacting - this page includes information about declined credit cards!

Email contact (website) -
PHYSICAL STORE Phone -This line is NOT for website sales inquiries - (330) - 346-0847
WEBSITE Phone contact - This line is for WEBSITE sales inquiries only - Please do not call this number for questions about in store pricing or events -(330)-346-0681 Mon-Friday 12 PM - 5 pm est only please! If you are prompted to leave a voice mail please leave your name, phone number, and any information about your order or reason for calling or your call may not be returned (this includes people we know.)

Why do business with

When grading cards we've been told by vendors that we are simply "too strict" on grading and that we should be more lenient because Magic players do not care. We believe that customers should get what they pay for and will do our best to ensure we provide quality product on this website at affordable prices. When buying items from you, the customer, we have programmed many competitive buy list numbers to hopefully give you the best possible prices for your extra cards, collections, and possibly even your store.

What do you buy/sell on
We currently only sell Magic the Gathering singles and a select amount of product (spindown dice and sleeves.)

Why are online buy prices different than buy prices at shows?
All website buy prices are for slightly played or better versions of cards. If your cards are played/heavily played chances are you will not be offered 100% of the current buy price for your item. Sometimes we end up buying large quantities of cards at shows and some buy list numbers go up and other numbers go down based on supply and demand.

Do you offer in person processing of trade list items?
Yes absolutely. We will gladly look at any of your trade items in store during our event days at 164 Cherry St, Kent OH 44240.

Does have a restriction on the number of an item I can purchase?
Answer - yes and no. Vendors must get written approval before placing orders with quantity from our website. Please email for quantity and order approval. We completely understand players do purchase items for their friends, family and/or play test groups - You do not want to be limited to 4/8/12 of an item and we are in business to sell items so we do not want to put a restriction on the amount of an item you can purchase. Due to severe market fluctuations, pricing errors, grading errors, human errors, website malfunction where items oversell, and many other reasons for limiting or refusing a sale we do reserve the right to refuse any sale for any reason.
*We do limit quantities purchased from time to time depending on the season - example a new set comes out and we set the website to allow only 8 of a card purchased (this will be for the entire site)

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